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Happy Birthday to ME!! Happy Birthday to ME!!

Alex's BirthdayHi Everybody, it’s me, Alex, and it’s my birthday!! My birthday was actually Saturday but because today was Easter (the biggest and best BUNNY holiday of the year), my birthday lasted all weekend! Woo-hoo!

Nana and Poppa forgetted my birthday and that made me sad, but they did send me a e-mail after I reminded them it was my birthday. Nana said her didn’t have time to do Easter cards, either. You’d think they would remember their ONLY grandrabbit’s birthday and most FAVORITEST holiday of the year, wouldn’t you? Fortunately, Mommy knows when my birthday is and her got me toys, candy and presents. It rained all day on my birthday so we didn’t get to go anywhere. Instead, we stayed in and Mommy and me watched Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man’s Chest and Happy Feet. I likeded Happy Feet better than the Pirates movie. The Pirates movie had a dumb ending. Mommy maked me a special birthday cake. It was just like the one we seed on telebision. We watched that lady, Paula Dean, on the Food Channel, and Mommy maked me the same cake her made on her show. It was the bestest! I even got to lick the beaters! Mommy said we can go out somewhere special now that the weather’s nice again. I want to go someplace fun. I’ll think of somewhere and let you all know what it is.

Happy Easter!

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Piggy BankI getted an Amazon Wish List of my very own! This is sooo cool! I can put toys and presents on my list! My birthday is coming in April (hint, hint). 😀

Mommy has to help me pay for things. I getted an allowance and I save my money in a special bank account, but I don’t get to have a credit card. Having money saved is pretty cool. I only get $5 a week but it sure adds up fast!

Help me keep my piggy bank full by buying me toys and presents from my wish list!

Love, Alex


Posted on: January 16, 2007

Hi everybody, it’s me, Alex! Nana and Poppa are on the road again. Now I’m sad… they taked us to Dairy Queen and Olive Garden and we did all kinds of fun and cool things. Me and Poppa watched car and truck races and that MTV show, Pimp My Ride. Now I wanna do a video to get Mommy’s ride pimped. That would be fun!! Tee-hee!!

Nana and Poppa leaved so soon because the weather was going to get bad again. It was in the 70s all weekend and kind of humid. Mommy had to turn the air conditioner on again. Then on Sunday night it started getting cooler. It was supposed to start raining and sleeting outside, so Nana and Poppa said they had to go so they could get on the other side of the ice and sleet. Right now it’s only 37 degrees and the weather map shows a mix of ice and rain. Yuck!!

Mommy should be home from work pretty soon and we can make some popcorn and cuddle up under the electric blanket. I like the electric blanket!!

Love, Alex

Guess, what?!? There are only 5 more days until Christmas!! I can hardly wait!! Besides the YUMMY fudge Mommy got from her bestest friend, her only getted one present in the mail so far. I can’t wait until Santa comes to see my new toys and presents! I’ve been really good this year, Santa!!

Jingle All The WayWe watched Charlie Brown the other night and maybe tonight we will watch Jingle All The Way. We used to live in Minnesota, and we getted to watch them making this movie. It was sooo cool! Arnold went to the same candy store as us and we getted to see them making the snow. Mommy’s office was a block away from the place where they made the radio station. Some of her friends at work tooked pictures of Arnold and Sinbad and they getted their autographs, too. We just watched them making the movie and then we buyed our own.

I want to go see the new movie called Deck the Halls. It looks really funny! I’d like to see Charlotte’s Web, too. It’s got that cute little girl, Dakota Fanning, in it. Her was in the Cat in the Hat, too, with that kid from The Santa Clause movies. I likeded them, too.

It’s time for dinner, so I have to go now. Bye!!

Love, Alex

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