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Hey Everybuddy, it’s me, Alex! We gots more news! We getted a Google+ account!!

Mom checked out the rules for us and there isn’t anything in there that says it’s illegal to be stuffed!! Or have long ears! Or fur! We is soooo happy!!  We know some of ours friends don’t wanna join Google+ or Twitter, and that’s okay with us. We is trying to spend more time on ours Flickr page anyways.

Alex, Gregg & Eddy

P.S. If you wanna Google+ invite, please send us a email ( and we’ll send ya one.


Hi Everybuddy, it’s me, Alex!

Since Evil FB wanted us to gets a driver’s license before we could have ours account back, Mom said we could try being on Twitter instead. It was our good friend Mr. Moo’s idea. 🙂

Come find us on Twitter! Ours handle is bunnyvilleboyz. Yeah, somebuddy stealed ours name. Mom’s kinda mad about that, too, cuz we’ve been bunnyville since 1998. To the Girlz in ours house, yeah, we is sorry we is da Bunnyville Boyz, but there is way more of us guys than there is of you Girlz, so there. 😛


Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

Guess, what? Today, March 14th, is Pi Day!! So… we writed a little poem.

Ode to Pi

There once was a man who liked Pi.
To divide 22/7 he did try.
He tried with ground round,
Not a circle was found,
Nor was any spilled on his tie.

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Tonight we meeted some of our Flickr friends for dinner in Hugeton!! Yup, our friends Monkey & Timmy bringed some of our friends from the Zoo Crew of Kalamazoo Mitchergan to meet us. It was so cool!! We getted to meet Uncle Theo and Patrick and Mr. Inbisable for the first time!! We bringed the Monkey Town Krewe a new friend to lives with them because it was Batty and Congo and their mommy’s birthday.

Since we introduced you to our Flickr friends before we’ve gotten some new ones. Yay!! So we decided that because it’s Chrimmas and it’s good to share at Chrimmastime, we’d share our new friends and exchange cookies!!

Teddy and Teddyrabbit live in Shanghai, China. He is a very nice bear who does lots of fun things and travels a lot. Him had a job as a flight attendant on a airplane. So cool!! We likes him because him’s got a big heart just like us!!

Mr. Moo and Morris live next door to Eldritch and Bamburgh. They are very cool. We sended Moo a special birthday card!! They like SpongeBob as much as we do and are very nice.
Gallagher is a model, but him won’t admit to being that handsome. Him’s got some excellent photos in him’s portfolio. Him is very nice, too. Well, all of our friends is nice or them wouldn’t be our friends. Heehee!!

Hollywood Monkey is very cool. Him works on TV shows a lot. Him has been on strike with the writers lately and his daddy was on the news. We thought him should be on the news instead of his daddy, but what do those news peoples know?

Nigel, Gund and George live with The Hand and The Naner Lady. They’re pretty cool and do some fun stuff. They like hockey and naners and know how to play cards.

Birdie is a globetrotting bear with his own camera. Just like me!! Him gets to go to cool places, though, like Dubai and London and Scotland and all kinds of places we’ve never been. It’s fun to see places that our friends go!!

Jubewong is a very nice bear from northern California. Him gets to travel a lot, too, but mostly to places near him’s house. Last week him getted to go to Lake Tahoe. We thought that was really cool because him getted to camp out for real. We learn new things from him all the time.

Our newest friends are Shortbread and Seamus from Grand Rapids, Mitchergan. They are very nice and very smart, too. They know how to tell temperature in Kelvins and do the weather forecast! They’ve got a blog site, too, with their friend Creme Brule.

We can’t forget Rolly and Zoe who live in England. They go to cool art museums and showed us how to play British Monopoly. It was fun times!!

Taco the Monkey is very friendly and nice just like the rest of our friends! Him lives in New Mexico. We think. We just don’t remember because we gots so many new friends it’s hard to keep track of who’s where!!

Arthur and Ellie are new good friends, too. They like to play games and teached us how to play Inside Cricket. When they gets back from their grannie’s, we’re going to play Scrabble.

We meeted a new bear in blogville today. Him’s name is Mitch the Bear. He travels a lot and lives in Canada. It’s been a long time since we were in Canada last, but it was a nice place. Him is a very new friend, so maybe we’ll have more to tell after Chrimmas.

Last, but not least, is our friend from Duluth, Minnesnowda, Helix D. Monster. He is very orange and very monster-like, but also very cool.

Merry Chrimmas to all of our Flickr and Blog friends!!

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Well, it’s another weekend and Mommy’s not home. Again. Her is working again and we don’t know what to do!! Auntie Wisa and Miss Mouse is going to be here in three days and there’s still so much to do!! We can’t do it all – specially when we’re busy on Flickr talking to our friends. Oh, that’s right… we didn’t tell you. We gots MORE friends!!

Teddy 2BearsThere’s Teddy_2Bears – There’s Ted E., Patrick, Little Bear and Polly, Rock, Al, Chico and Chuckles, Rex our doggy and Mr. Inbisable Rex’s kitty. We think they live in Michigan. They is very nice and helps other critters out. Like last week when Eddie’s puppy runned away, they put together a care package basket and sended it to Growler and Eddie.

Then there’s GrowlerUK – With Growler, Eddie, Benji, Jamie, Capuccino and Bruno. They live in Shrewsbury. We think that’s in England. They are very cool bears and puppies. They just getted a new kitty named Jamie and a new puppy named Bruno. They are nice, too.

Growler in Last Supper

Flt Lt BearAn Flt Lt Bear – Him lives in Scotland and is part of the Royal Air Force. That’s really cool!! Him travels a lot and sends us great pictures. We finded a good picture of him by his airplane.

EldritchEldritch the Dragon lives with his brothers Bamburgh and Mitch. Eldritch travels a lot. Now that we think about it, most of those European friends travel a lot more than us American critters. That’s not fair!! We want to travel, too!!!

Monkey & TimmyMonkey and Timmy lives here in Houston by the Galleria. They is really cool. T-Munky and Arnold and Timmy and the gang gots a really cool circus waffle machine. They telled us they’d share waffles with us some time.

Phytheas BearPhytheas Bear is a good friend, too. Him and his family lives in West Sussex. We thinks that’s in England, too. We don’t hear from him as much as some of the other guys, but he is a very nice bear and him travels a lot, too. Phytheas gots a blog, too, just like me!!

SchleppzerAnd don’t forget our old friend, Schleppzer! Him must be out of town or something lately. Last we heard from him he was having some Snickerdoodles. Those is our favoritest cookies!! Anyway, Schleppzer has some brothers and sisters, too, but we don’t know them very well. Schleppzer is cool because him has a camera, too. Mommy is still trying to find mine, but I think it’s cool that we both takes pictures!!

Ooh, Mommy just getted home from the store. We need to go help her with the groceries. We’ll let you know if her gets the house clean in time or not.

Love, Alex

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