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Hi everybody, it’s me, Alex! Car Plans

I watched the Indy 500 today and part of the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600. I’ve wanted to be a race car driver for a long time, but today I decided I definitely want to race NASCAR or drag cars. Those Indy guys don’t have a windshield!!! All that junk from the road goes right in your face, and the wind is blowing at over 200 miles an hour. Forget that!! I want a windshield.

So… Poppa? Remember how you telled B.C. to get you plans for her tire swing. Well, this magazine has the plans to build me a race car. I’m 8 inches tall and my legs are kinda short, like about 2 inches, so I need to be able to adjust the pedals and not just the seat. I think we should paint it white pearl, make it number 8 and put the stickers from my sponsors on it.

Blizzard carI’m picking Dairy Queen as my main sponsor. The car should also have other sponsors, right? So how about The Children’s Miracle Network, Make A Wish Foundation, Blue Bunny, Hamburger Helper, Angry Alien, Delphi, Quaker State, Pirelli, Toshiba, Toyota and Dish Network? Oh and I should have Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabbit and Thumper on the car someplace, too.

Nana? Mommy can’t sew her way out of a paper bag, so would you pretty please make me a race car driver uniform?

Can’t wait to see my new car!!

Love, Alex


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