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Hi Nana & Poppa!

We finded some hot rod cars for you on Saturday night. Mommy stopped at Target and they was all in the lot across the way by Chik-fil-A. They had some cars like your old one, Poppa, and some other ones, too. Mommy putted the pictures on Flickr.

CamaroMommy said this red one is like one you used to have except that yours was blue with a black top. And then her said there was one like Unca Joe’s old car, too. How cool is that? Mommy wishes she had a cool car to play with. Me, too.

vetteNana, they had lots of Corvettes there. They wasn’t old ones, but they were real pretty newer ones. You should learn to drive a stick shift so you could have your own fast car. You can’t have Nitro with a automatic transmission ya know.

Love, Alex


R2D2 MailboxMommy was on her way to work when she seed this R2D2 mailbox. The Post Office is doing something special with Star Wars on March 28th, but they won’t tell us what it is. >:-|

I like the mailboxes anyway, and I wanted my cousin to see them. So here they are CJ!

Love, Alex

P.S. Mommy says that the Post Office is releasing a set of new stamps for the Star Wars 30th anniversary. You can vote for your favorite Star Wars Stamp at The new stamps will be released on May 25th. Hey, that’s the day before my cousin, Miss Mouse’s birthday!! Yay!!

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Party AnimalsWow… I wish I had been in California this weekend! Nana and Poppa turned into PARTY ANIMALS!!! Mommy’s aunt and uncle live in California and it was Auntie G’s birthday this weekend. They getted to ride in a limousine and then they had drinks on the beach at sunset. For dinner, the getted to go to Spago’s Beverly Hills and they even meeted Wolfgang Puck!! After dinner they went to a comedy club and guess when they getted home… C’mon… guess!! It was 4 AM. Yeah, that’s right! Four o’clock in the morning!!! Even Mommy doesn’t stay out that late! It sure sounded like fun!! And then yesterday… they went to this really cool barbeque place for our cousin, Tiss’, birthday. Our other cousin, Moofie, had to work. He missed some really good BBQ!!


Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Crazy ClockMommy was soooo mean this weekend! I don’t know what got into her. We getted up on Saturday and maked brownies for the Habitat for Humanity house workers and stayed there for a long time. Then we stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home to buy a shredder. Her bought some Easter stuff for my cousins, too. Then we stopped at Target and Walgreens and then on the way home we seed a car upside down in the ditch. Mommy wanted to stop and help, but there was already a lot of policemans and firemans there and they wouldn’t want Mommy’s help. After we getted home, her did the laundry and went in her office. Her said no blogging until all the chores were done. So mean!! And then her made hot dogs today and wouldn’t let me make wiener water. Her did let me have some ice cream, but sheesh!! We was busy cleaning all weekend long almost! Maybe her’s mean because we had to set the clocks ahead.

Spring FlowersHer said that the house had been cluttered up for too long and it’s getting nice outside and the apartment peoples are supposed to come and clean the carpets so we have to move some furniture. Her got her papers together to get the taxes done. My great-grandpa used to do everybody’s taxes. We miss him.

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

Mommy has some pictures posted on Flickr and we found some new friends!! There are lots of other animals out there like us and we made friends through our pictures. There’s a whole group called My Teddy Bear on Flickr just for us.  Isn’t that cool?  One of my new friends is named Schleppzer. Him has pictures at his Flickr site and him’s got a blog, too! ‘Cept that his mommy said him’s been hibernating over the winter, so ssshhhhh… don’t wake him up yet. Click on the picture to see some more of Schleppzer’s pictures.

Schlepp & His Friends

I’m looking forward to being friends with Schleppzer and some of his other friends!! 

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

Oh, what a beautiful morning! Oh, what a beautiful day!! The last two days have been really, really pretty. Mommy getted the car washed yesterday. It’s so nice when it’s clean! Me and the guys can see out of the windows now! We seed “The Astronaut Farmer” last night, too. It was a cool movie. It’s about this guy in Texas who built a rocket in his barn. When we came out there were a bunch of cool motorcycles outside the theater. They were there to see “Wild Hogs.” We want to see that movie. It looks really funny! The best part of it being really nice outside is that we get to go for car rides.

Mitsubishi EclipseWe wouldn’t have seen this cool car today if the windows were still dirty. 🙂 This car has a really cool paint job. When you first look at it, it looks kind of lime green, but when you look from a other angle, it’s purple!! Look at those cool doors! And the inside is really cool, too. Mommy made friends with the people that owns it. They asked if Mommy could take some cool pictures of the car for them sometime. That would be cool… Mommy tried to go to Galveston today, but there was a really bad accident on Highway 146 and there was a helicopper on the road and the policeman wouldn’t let anyone through. We comed home and pruned all of our pretty flower bushes. Mommy said it makes them grow better so they can have more pretty flowers. I hope so!! Maybe we can go to Galveston tomorrow… Mommy said we’ll see.

I miss my Poppa… I called him today to tell him I missed him and that I love him enough to share my Dairy Queen with him. He said him misses me, too. Nana said him getted up on the wrong side of the bed and then had a bowl of crabby flakes. Her’s so funny, her maked me laugh so hard!! I asked Poppa if he was going to have some Krabby Patties. He said he was. Hahahahahaha!! Poor Poppa… At least he getted to spend the day on the beach today.

Love, Alex

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