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Hi Everybody, it’s Me, Alex!!

Well, it’s almost Chrimmas time and that means a lot of different things to me. First, it means that if we’re really lucky, it might snow on Chrimmas. It doesn’t snow here in Houston very often, but it does in Auntie Wisa’s Houston. More important than having snow on Chrimmas is having family. We invited everybody in ours family to come to Houston for Chrimmas and nobody wants to come. That makes me sad because in the 11 years we’ve lived here, nobody has ever wanted to come to ours house for Chrimmas. If we wants to spend the holidays with our family, we gots to be the ones to buy the airplane tickets and stand in line and get all of our presents and ship them in boxes and fly to Minnesnowda and then ship all our presents back home and come back on the airplane. It’s not fair!!

salvation Army Angel TreeMost important, though, is helping other peoples have a better Chrimmas. Mommy makes sure every year that we can helps some little kids have a good Chrimmas. At work, Mommy gets cards from the Salvation Army Angel Tree and then we go buy presents for little boys and girls who wouldn’t have a Chrimmas otherwise. Then we donate toys to the Toys for Tots program, we help give some monies to the Food Bank so that hungry peoples can have Thanksgiving and Chrimmas dinner.

Will you, my online friends, help us helps other peoples, too? You don’t gots to donate to the same peoples we do because we know you lives in other places, but it’s important to reach out and help other peoples, especially this time of year when it’s cold and harder for peoples to get to their families.

Love, Alex


Happy Birthday to ME!! Happy Birthday to ME!!

Alex's BirthdayHi Everybody, it’s me, Alex, and it’s my birthday!! My birthday was actually Saturday but because today was Easter (the biggest and best BUNNY holiday of the year), my birthday lasted all weekend! Woo-hoo!

Nana and Poppa forgetted my birthday and that made me sad, but they did send me a e-mail after I reminded them it was my birthday. Nana said her didn’t have time to do Easter cards, either. You’d think they would remember their ONLY grandrabbit’s birthday and most FAVORITEST holiday of the year, wouldn’t you? Fortunately, Mommy knows when my birthday is and her got me toys, candy and presents. It rained all day on my birthday so we didn’t get to go anywhere. Instead, we stayed in and Mommy and me watched Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man’s Chest and Happy Feet. I likeded Happy Feet better than the Pirates movie. The Pirates movie had a dumb ending. Mommy maked me a special birthday cake. It was just like the one we seed on telebision. We watched that lady, Paula Dean, on the Food Channel, and Mommy maked me the same cake her made on her show. It was the bestest! I even got to lick the beaters! Mommy said we can go out somewhere special now that the weather’s nice again. I want to go someplace fun. I’ll think of somewhere and let you all know what it is.

Happy Easter!

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Piggy BankI getted an Amazon Wish List of my very own! This is sooo cool! I can put toys and presents on my list! My birthday is coming in April (hint, hint). 😀

Mommy has to help me pay for things. I getted an allowance and I save my money in a special bank account, but I don’t get to have a credit card. Having money saved is pretty cool. I only get $5 a week but it sure adds up fast!

Help me keep my piggy bank full by buying me toys and presents from my wish list!

Love, Alex

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