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Hi everybody, it’s me, Alex! Me and Mommy pretended we was Abe Lincoln last night. We had to turn off the’puter and the TV because there were some thunderstorms last night. Mommy remembers once when she was a little girl that the lightning comed down the power line and cooked the TV in the kitchen, so when lightning gets close, her unplugs the TV and the ‘puter so they don’t get cooked.

Naughty BunnyIn case the power went off, Mommy lighted a couple of candles and her read me my favorite story. Wanna know what it is? My favorite story is The Naughty Bunny by Richard Scarry. That little bunny is kind of like me. He doesn’t try to get into trouble, but somehow it always happens. First he spills his cereal and then he paints the walls and stuff. Anyway, at the end of the story he’s a good bunny. I like that part.

Love, Alex

Hi everbyody, it’s me, Alex!! I’ve been having lots of fun learning how to play my new guitar. I’m not very good at it yet, but I’m practicing! I had a very nice Christmas and I hope you did, too!

It looks like we may not get to make the peanut bars after all. Mommy came down with some crud the other day and her’s been sleeping a lot. We getted to have homemade chicken soup, though. I hope Mommy feels better soon. I have to be extra quiet when her doesn’t feel good. That’s hard for me because I’m a little bunny and I like to play and make noise.

Disney-EpcotDear Poppa – I think we should all go to Disney World next year for Christmas!! Me and Mommy watched a special about Disney World and they have cool things for kids and grown-ups. Like we could all go pet and feed the dolphins and now I know how to get a ride in the front of the monorail! You and Nana and Mommy could all go drive race cars on a track at the Richard Petty Driving Experience. They have NITRO in the cars. Wouldn’t that be cool? I wanna ride, too! We could all stay at the special resort where you can wake up with the wild animals and you can see GIRAFFES outside your window. Mommy thinks we could go there some time and maybe see a Shuttle launch or land, too. Please, Poppa? Pretty, pretty, please?!?

Love, Alex

Hi everybody, it’s me, Alex!! Santa came last night and he brought me presents! Did he bring you presents? I got Dairy Queen gift certificates. Now me and Mommy can go get some DQ Blizzards! That peppermint one is Y-U-M-M-Y!!! Santa also bringed me a new Astros jersey with a hat and pants, a new guitar, an ornament with my name on it and we getted a book about Kermit from my Auntie Lisa and my cousins. Here are some pictures of me with the tree and my new stuff.

Alex Under The Tree

Alex New PresentsAlex Serenading the Angel

Love, Alex

It’s Christmas Eve everybody!! You know what THAT means… SANTA’S COMING TONIGHT!!! I can’t wait! Don’t forget to track Santa on NORAD!

I have to go now and get to bed so that Santa will come and bring me toys and presents!! You’d better get to bed, too!!

Love, Alex

The weather outside is frightful, but the cookies are SO delightful! Mommy found some neat new chips at the store yesterday. They’re from Andes, so there’s peppermint chips and chocolate mint chips. Her is going to put them in chocolate cookies and they’re going to be SOOO Good!!

Andes Peppermint ChipsSo here’s a wrap-up of all the COOKIES we gots: Chocolate Chip, Holiday Spritz, Chocolate with Mint Chips and we might still make Mommy’s Peanut Bars. MMMMM!!!! The spritz and the peanut bars are my favoritest ones. The spritz are bestest because they’ve got red hots and sprinkles and sugar on them. The peanut bars are just bestest. Period.

Love, Alex

Hi Everbody! It’s me, Alex! We’re FINALLY to the COOKIE portion of our Christmas program! It’s about time!!! Mommy is still trying to get the recipe for the Refrigerated Stained Glass Cookies from Auntie Lisa, but we’ve started working on a couple of kinds already.

Sugar Cookies with Peppermint SprinklesThere are chocolate chip and spritz cookies ready to go. They’re not baked yet. We can’t do that until tomorrow. Mommy’s got some party thing to go to tonight. 😦 At least her got us some sugar cookies with peppermint sprinkles from the store. We got some plain ones with regular frosting and sprinkles, too. Yum!
Mommy maked something called Irish Cream last night. I think it’s yucky, but her said it’s good. Her said it’s for grown-ups, so I guess that means it’s like brussel sprouts and has to be yucky. No, I don’t like brussel sprouts. I like spinach and asparagus, but not brussel sprouts.

We getted more presents in the mail today. Some of them have my name on them!! I’m SO excited!! I want Santa to hurry up and get here so I can open my presents!

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody! It’s me, Alex!! We had something REALLY COOL happen today. It was about 4:30 this afternoon and we heard something like an explosion and the building shook and we wondered what happened. We looked out the windows because we thought something blowed up, but we didn’t see any smoke or anything and we didn’t hear any sirens so we knew everything was okay. When Mommy got home from work an hour later, she telled us that the Space Shuttle broke the sound barrier over Houston when it landed and it wasn’t high enough in the sky for us to see it. Isn’t that cool? We heard the Space Shuttle land today!

Shuttle Discovery Landing 12/22/06

Love, Alex


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