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Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

I’m soooo sad!! Nana and Poppa and CJ went home on Saturday. Now I’m all lonely again… nobody to watch movies with, nobody to go swimming with, nobody to play Uno with, no more videogames with Poppa and CJ and no more watching Nana play cards on Mommy’s computer. No more eating out at IHOP and Waffle House in the morning. Mommy gots to go to work in the morning.

I miss CJ. We played and played and played and had a really good time!! I wish he lived closer…

I miss Nana and Poppa, too. We gived him a father’s day present on Friday night before he went home. I like having Nana and Poppa around. Mommy eats better when they’re around. We had lots of melon and strawberries while Poppa was here. I love melon and strawberries!! We getted some pecans in Galveston, too. Mmm!!!

Well, I’m going to go pout some more and watch a movie with Mommy.

Love, Alex


Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!


This vacation stuff sure is hard work!! We tooked a little trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to see the Navy boat that Poppa lived on for two years before Mommy was borned. Poppa’s boat is the USS Kidd, DD661. It’s littler than the boat we seed in Galveston. It was pretty cool. Me and CJ getted to see where Poppa worked in the radio room. Him said he sleeped on the floor outside that room for a couple of weeks once. Him also said him getted caught stealing peanut butter from the officer’s mess once. Luckily him didn’t get into any trouble. It was hot on the boat and there was lots of bugs like Mayflies by the boat. The Delta Queen was parked next to us. I thought that was cool even though nobody else did.

AlligatorWe tried to go on a tour to see some alligators, but they was by reservations only and we didn’t have one. We stopped in a couple of little towns in Louisiana. One of them was called Welsh and we mailed some postcards home to Minnesota from there. We getted Dairy Queens there, too!! Yummy! Mommy tried to find some other ways to see alligators, but we couldn’t find any. We stopped to eat at a place called Steamboat Bill’s in Lake Charles. Poppa getted Jambalaya and Mommy getted gumbo. Nana just had rolls. CJ wouldn’t try any crawdaddies, so he just had chicken. After we getted him, me and CJ played Uno for a long time.  We each won a few games before it was bedtime.

Houston AstrosToday we goed to the Houston Astros game at Minutemaid Park. We had a great seats and an even greater time! The game was close and the Astros lost 6-5 at the end after 11 innings. Mommy getted the BBQ sandwich and CJ had nachos supreme. We getted some popcorn, too. Then we goed and had some Olive Garden and stopped to get some Father’s Day presents. Poppa getted his presents tonight in case they decide to leave tomorrow. If they don’t, maybe we can have some fajitas for lunch or something.
Nana and Poppa and CJ are going to get ready to go home tomorrow. That makes me very sad. I will miss having having CJ here to make him laugh and to play with. Any other time I gots to play Uno all by myself. 😦

Well, I gots to go to bed. I’m going to start to cry anyway, so I will talk to you more later.

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

It seems like summer’s here to stay in southeast Texas. It’s been so hot that I thought I was going to melt! Nana and Poppa and CJ aren’t used to the heat and humidity, so I don’t think they’re having as much fun as they thought they would.

Oyster BoatsWe had a very, very busy weekend. After we getted home from the launch on Friday and me and CJ swimmed in the pool, we went to bed early. Me and Mommy and CJ went to the Habitat house and taked some pictures. We seed some oyster boats and some shrimp boats and some oil wells on the way there and back.

Then we picked up Nana and Poppa and we loaded up the car with some clothes and stuff to go to Galveston. We getted Whataburgers on the way and headed to Galveston. They are building a new bridge there and Mommy said that her seed on the news that they blowed up the old one. When we getted there, we could see the new Navy boat at the pier. There weren’t any cruise ships there and Mommy thought that was a little weird, but Poppa said the Navy prolly didn’t let them come in. We drived down to see where the fishing boats were and then we talked to the Navy people by the boat. Poppa seed a guy he was on the boat with before Mommy was borned. They talked for a while and this lady came and her said we should be there early because there was going to be lots of people there for the special ceremony. Mommy drived to the hotel by the Waffle House and we all changed to go back to the boat. Everybody looked really spiffy!!

USS Kidd Commissioning CeremonyThe boat ceremony was really cool!! They shooted off some cannons and all the sailors were there in their white uniforms. We heard some speeches from the Mayor and the Admiral of the Fleet and some other guys, and they had Poppa and all the guys who had served on the USS Kidd before stand up, and then the Commanding Officer (they don’t call him the Captain anymore) read his orders and some guy blowed his whistle and the n the Commanding Officer telled the sailors to get on the boat. They all kind of jogged up there and getted on the boat and lined up on the deck. They had to stand at attention a lot. Then the Captain guy telled them to bring the boat to life and I thought there was a dragon or a monster in there!! There was smoke coming out and they blowed the ship’s horn and I getted really scared!! Then everybody cheered and Poppa said it was okay, there wasn’t a monster in there.

After that was all over, we getted in the car and drove back down the beach to find some ice cream. We goed to Baskin Robbins and me and CJ had some cool blue & white ice cream that was called Splish Splash. It was really good!! Then we goed back to the hotel room and went to bed. I don’t think anybody sleeped very good. We all getted up just before 6 o’clock and getted ready to go on the fishing boat. While we were driving there, Mommy noticed that the cruise ships were by the Navy boat.

We getted to the fishing boat a little after 7:00 and Nana buyed a box of frozen sardines to fish with. I asked Nana if her was having them for lunch. Her said I was a silly bunny!! We getted on the boat with a bunch of other people and headed out into the bay. The boat captain parked the boat out by a jetty and we started fishing. They gived us some chopped up squids to use for bait. That was sooooo yucky!! Mommy putted some squids on our line and Nana was using the sardines. Mommy won’t put sardines on her line so Nana had to do that for her sometimes. Me and Mommy catched two baby sharks and a couple of these yucky catfish things. CJ catched a gafttopsail fish and so did Nana. Poor Poppa didn’t catch anything. There was these other guys on the boat that were catching sharks. Big ones!!! They bringed them on the boat and it was scary!! The deck hands pick them up by the tail and smack their heads on the boat floor to knock them out and then put them in the ice chest. When we were done fishing, the deck hand guys hanged up the sharks on the front of the boat. We didn’t like that.

When we got off the boat we all smelled like fish guts so we changed clothes and went over to the Navy boat again. Because Poppa had been a sailor on the old Kidd boat, they tooked us on a special tour. The guy that taked us on the tour was pretty young and he was called Strike but that wasn’t his name. I don’t remember why they called him the Strike, but it had something to do with missiles. They gots plasma TVs in their lunch room! Poppa said he never getted an espresso machine or ice cream or movies on his boat! Him taked us all over the boat – on the top deck, out by the foc’sle and to my favorite part, the bridge. I couldn’t sit in the Commanding Officer’s chair, though. We all really enjoyed our tour, especially Poppa. After that we getted lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack.

When we getted done with lunch we goed to the beach to look for shells. We found some cool ones, and CJ finded the shells from some crabs. When we getted back to the car, it really stinked bad!! On the way home, Mommy dropped off CJs film and we eated at Luby’s. Mommy didn’t want to because her said her stinked and needed a shower really bad!! We getted back to the car and we all almost passed out because it smelled so bad in there. We were all very tired when we getted home. Mommy and Nana washed the smelly clothes and everybody taked showers and we went to bed early. I was so pooped out I went right to sleep and didn’t move all night long, not even to roll over. That means I had lots of fun!!

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Saturn V Rocket

Nana and Poppa and CJ are here and we’re on vacation! We watched some cool stuff on TV last night and today we getted to go to IHOP for breakfast! Then we went shopping and to Space Center Houston. CJ getted his picture taken with a astronaut guy and by some rockets! The rocket in that picture is at the Space Center where we goed today, but there’s a building around it now. We even seed a robot astronaut called Robonaut today at the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility. Supper was from the spaghetti place and then we seed the launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis with a bunch of people from NASA at the Space Center in a really big auditorium.  It was way cool! CJ getted to go in the pool tonight, too. We are having lots of fun!!

Love, Alex

Busy Bees

Posted on: June 5, 2007

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

beesWow, Mommy and I have been busy little bees lately getting ready for Nana and Poppa and CJ’s visit. We’ve been doing a lot of cleaning up, but I don’t think Nana will notice. Oh, well… at least me and Mommy know we did all that work! Mommy’s been working a lot lately, too. I feel bad for her because her doesn’t get any time to play or do anything fun anymore. All her does is work, work, work. Her hasn’t even had time to turn the computer on. I had to do that by myself to tell you what we’ve been doing.

The weather hasn’t completely cooperated with us lately, so Mommy hasn’t getted to go out and take many pictures. Last Saturday it rained a lot and Mommy getted home from the Habitat house late in the afternoon. Then we cleaned up some stuff in our house and we watched a movie called Little Miss Sunshine. It was okay. On Sunday it rained a little but then Mommy had to go help some people pack their house so they could move. When her getted home, we did all the laundry and her watched a James Bond movie. Her wouldn’t let us kids watch. Her said there was too much fighting and it might give us ideas. We tried to listen at the bedroom door, but her seed us and made us go to bed.

I’m really excited to have company this summer! First it will be Nana and Poppa and CJ. Hopefully, my auntie Wisa and Miss Mouse can come soon, too. Auntie Wisa said they would come sometime after CJ got to be here. I sure hope so, because I want to show Miss Mouse the ocean and play at the beach and go to the Butterfly Center and play in the pool and lots of other cool stuff!! Mommy’s friend Suzy and her kids might come, too. We don’t know that for sure, but I hope they can all come!

Well, I’d better go. Mommy said that Nana and Poppa and CJ are on their way and we still gots lots to do before they get here. I’m so excited I can’t stop hopping!!!

Love, Alex

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