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Wow, I’m blogging!!! Hey, I just love Halloween!! I wanted to have my blog up a long time ago, but Mommy said no. She wanted to have my website ready first. My website’s not ready yet, so she said I could start working on my blog now, and later when the website is ready I can have both! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!!

I'm Nana for Halloween!!Halloween is my most favoritest holiday of the year. Do you know why? Because there’s candy and you get to dress up in a costume and carve pumpkins and have more candy!! We live in apartment now and there aren’t many kids here so I didn’t get to see any trick or treaters. I was ready for them, though!! This year I dressed up as my nana for Halloween. She didn’t think that was too funny. I thought it was hilarious!! That’s Fudgie on my lap. We were watching Dancing with the Stars on Halloween night, and that’s what we were doing when Mommy tooked this picture.

I think my favoritest costume was the year that I dressed up like Snoopy when he was the World War I flying ace, just like on TV!! I have a picture so you can see.

WWI Flying Aces

Love, Alex


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