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Hi everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

West Highland TerrierMe and Mommy like to watch The Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic Channel. He gots lots of puppy friends. Just like me!! My puppy friends are Karmel, Sundae, Fudgie and Rover. We used to have real puppy friends, too, but now we live in a apartment. The puppies we know wouldn’t like living in a apartment. We have a neighbor who has a puppy named Frasier. He’s cute!!

When Nana and Poppa was in Texas with us, Nana told Mommy that her was the Poppa Whisperer. Well, I think it’s true! Her was doing it again tonight. Poppa was having trouble with is ‘puter and Mommy talked to him and they fixed it. Yay!! Well, I think they fixed it. Mommy’s so smart!!

Well, it’s bedtime now and I’m really, really tired. I’ll talk to you again soon!!

Love, Alex



Posted on: January 16, 2007

Hi everybody, it’s me, Alex! Nana and Poppa are on the road again. Now I’m sad… they taked us to Dairy Queen and Olive Garden and we did all kinds of fun and cool things. Me and Poppa watched car and truck races and that MTV show, Pimp My Ride. Now I wanna do a video to get Mommy’s ride pimped. That would be fun!! Tee-hee!!

Nana and Poppa leaved so soon because the weather was going to get bad again. It was in the 70s all weekend and kind of humid. Mommy had to turn the air conditioner on again. Then on Sunday night it started getting cooler. It was supposed to start raining and sleeting outside, so Nana and Poppa said they had to go so they could get on the other side of the ice and sleet. Right now it’s only 37 degrees and the weather map shows a mix of ice and rain. Yuck!!

Mommy should be home from work pretty soon and we can make some popcorn and cuddle up under the electric blanket. I like the electric blanket!!

Love, Alex

Hi everybody, it’s me, Alex! My nana and poppa are here from Minnesota!! I love my nana and poppa VERY MUCH! They comed to my house last night and stayed overnight. Tonight we goed out to dinner at the Olive Garden and then they said if I was a good bunny, we would get to go to Dairy Queen! Do you think I was good? I was SOOO good you would never have knowed it was me. I got to go to Dairy Queen.

Alex & KarmelThey are staying at our house tomorrow, too, so we’ll get to play some more and go shopping and buy toys, candy and presents!! I love Nana and Poppa BUNCHES! Poppa is going to go with Mommy to take pictures at Habitat for Humanity and me and Nana are going to WalMart!!

Love, Alex

Rain DropHi everybody, it’s me, Alex! The rain can stop anytime now! It’s been cloudy and rainy and dreary for way too long already. Tonight it started to get very foggy outside at suppertime. All this rain and dark, dingy weather makes me CRABBY. It’s great weather if you’re a frog or a duck!

Gund Bunny - ZippityI’m not a frog or a duck, I AM A BUNNY!!! Bunnies don’t like mud or the water very much. Bunnies like sunshine and flowers and soft green grass and Dairy Queen! So today, my brothers and I hopped around the house almost all day. The sun comed out for a little while, but then the clouds came back and it rained and got foggy.

Tomorrow is another day. I sure hope it’s nicer outside. I’m no fun to be around when I’m crabby!!

Love, Alex

P.S. Nana? That little bunny there said he wants to be my friend.

Happy New Year, Everybody!!

AlexIt was a very nice day here in Texas. It was just right for cuddling up on the couch with Mommy and watching the Rose Parade with a cup of tea. There were some very pretty floats and I wish we had smell-o-vision so I could smell all those pretty flowers!! We watched some college football, too. I don’t get football exactly, but Mommy likes it so I watch it with her sometimes. I would like to see the Rose Parade in person sometime.

My New Year’s Resolutions for this year are the same as always: I want to keep being a cute, cuddly, loveable bunny who eats Blizzards at Dairy Queen and spreads love and joy all over the planet.

Love, Alex

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