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Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Cleaning FairyWell, remember that Mommy’s supposed to be getting ready for our company? Guess what? Her says we could use a visit from the Cleaning Fairy!! Actually, her’s getting a little closer. We is all taking bets to see if her gets done before we go pick up Auntie Wisa and Miss Mouse from the airport tomorrow afternoon.

The guys and I are doing our best to help out. We are dusting the armrest of the couch while we watch for the hummingbirdies. They are starting to come to the feeder now and they’re pretty cool.

Well, if you don’t hear from us for a few days it’s because we’re busy entertaining and having fun with Miss Mouse!!

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Well, it’s another weekend and Mommy’s not home. Again. Her is working again and we don’t know what to do!! Auntie Wisa and Miss Mouse is going to be here in three days and there’s still so much to do!! We can’t do it all – specially when we’re busy on Flickr talking to our friends. Oh, that’s right… we didn’t tell you. We gots MORE friends!!

Teddy 2BearsThere’s Teddy_2Bears – There’s Ted E., Patrick, Little Bear and Polly, Rock, Al, Chico and Chuckles, Rex our doggy and Mr. Inbisable Rex’s kitty. We think they live in Michigan. They is very nice and helps other critters out. Like last week when Eddie’s puppy runned away, they put together a care package basket and sended it to Growler and Eddie.

Then there’s GrowlerUK – With Growler, Eddie, Benji, Jamie, Capuccino and Bruno. They live in Shrewsbury. We think that’s in England. They are very cool bears and puppies. They just getted a new kitty named Jamie and a new puppy named Bruno. They are nice, too.

Growler in Last Supper

Flt Lt BearAn Flt Lt Bear – Him lives in Scotland and is part of the Royal Air Force. That’s really cool!! Him travels a lot and sends us great pictures. We finded a good picture of him by his airplane.

EldritchEldritch the Dragon lives with his brothers Bamburgh and Mitch. Eldritch travels a lot. Now that we think about it, most of those European friends travel a lot more than us American critters. That’s not fair!! We want to travel, too!!!

Monkey & TimmyMonkey and Timmy lives here in Houston by the Galleria. They is really cool. T-Munky and Arnold and Timmy and the gang gots a really cool circus waffle machine. They telled us they’d share waffles with us some time.

Phytheas BearPhytheas Bear is a good friend, too. Him and his family lives in West Sussex. We thinks that’s in England, too. We don’t hear from him as much as some of the other guys, but he is a very nice bear and him travels a lot, too. Phytheas gots a blog, too, just like me!!

SchleppzerAnd don’t forget our old friend, Schleppzer! Him must be out of town or something lately. Last we heard from him he was having some Snickerdoodles. Those is our favoritest cookies!! Anyway, Schleppzer has some brothers and sisters, too, but we don’t know them very well. Schleppzer is cool because him has a camera, too. Mommy is still trying to find mine, but I think it’s cool that we both takes pictures!!

Ooh, Mommy just getted home from the store. We need to go help her with the groceries. We’ll let you know if her gets the house clean in time or not.

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

It’s only a few days before Auntie Wisa and Miss Mouse is here to visit!! Theirs house didn’t end up too flooded from the rain and the river. Thank goodness!! Mommy needs to get on the stick and get the house in order before they gets here, and that’s going to be hard because her’s got to work this weekend. Again. <SIGH>

I wish her didn’t have to work so much because her’s laptop doesn’t talk to the Internet anymore and her said the router needs to be fixed, but her’s never home to do that!!! We want to show our friends our pictures of us at the park. It makes us kids sad to sit at home all day waiting, too.

I made a shopping list for Mommy to use to make sure we gots stuff for our guests. I should add some toys, candy and presents to the list. What do you think?  🙂

Well, Mommy should be home any minute now. We can’t wait for our guests to arrive!! We’re hopping all over the house!!

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

AngelToday would have been my great-grandpa’s 91st birthday. It didn’t seem like him was that old when he died three years ago. He used to take us to dinner and dessert, and we getted to go for rides on his lawn tractor. Great-Grandpa buyed us candy and toys and presents!! Well, not so much later, but Mommy said he did when her was little. Me and Mommy and Auntie Wisa miss him a lot and hope that he is having the bestest birthdays ever up in Heaven.

Love, Alex

OH NO!!!!

Posted on: August 19, 2007

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

OH NO!!! Tell me it isn’t so!!! Auntie Wisa and CJ and Miss Mouse and their daddy all live in Houston, Minnesota. Mommy talked to Auntie Wisa this afternoon and her said they had to evacuate because of flooding! They lives by the Root River dike and they had to leave in case too much water comed down the dike. Mommy said the paper has a article and it says the river is up to 19 feet and the dike can only hold back one more foot of water. The kids is okay because they is at their grandma and grandpa’s up on higher ground.

This could mean that Auntie Wisa and Miss Mouse can’t come to our house next week!!! NO, NO, NO!!! I have been looking forward to seeing them ALL summer and if they can’t come I’m going to cry!!

Everybody cross your fingers and pray or whatever that everyone goes home safe and the water goes down and nobody loses their houses or anything bad like that. Give your people extra hugs tonight.

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Wow, it’s been so busy here that I never getted to tell you about my Sunday adventure from two weeks ago!!

Winking BuildingMommy taked me for a ride in the car and we had a adventure!! We seed a lot of buildings and some signs and some trains and some flowers and lots of other stuff! We goed by the place where the Astros play and by the new light rail train downtown. While we was there, Mommy letted me have ice cream for lunch! Her getted some tea from Starbucks, too. Her was happy to find them. It was sure hot!! There was some buildings that was winking at me, too.

Alex in a TreeWe walked around the gardens by the zoo. I climbed up in a tree! And then we smelled some pretty flowers. We watched some squirrels for a while. I tried chasing the squirrel, but him was pretty fast and I couldn’t catch him. It was very hot outside so I had to stop and rest on a bench and I getted down all by myself!!

Puppy Needs a HugAfter that, we went by what Mommy said was the Medical Center. Mommy’s friend’s daddy went there when he came to visit. Her said he goed to the cancer hospital and they fixed him all up. We could see the Texas Children’s Hospital from where we were, too. It’s sad to think of all the little children that must be in the hospital there. It’s such a big building. I hope they have teddies and bunnies and puppies and kitties to love and love them back. The puppy in the picture looks like he needs a hug.

Ben & Jerry'sAfter that, we drived by a big school Mommy said was a university with a big owl. I was scared of the big owl, but Mommy said it was just a picture and not to worry about it. After that we eated at a Thai restaurant. The food was good, but Mommy said the food and service had been better before. Her letted me get ice cream again after supper. Two treats in one day and both times it was Ben & Jerry’s!!

It was a long day and I was very tired from all of the fun we had. I hope Mommy takes me out again sometime soon!!

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

H-DeanWell, we’re breathing a little easier here in Houston, TX today. The him-a-cane is ‘posed to go to Mexico on Wednesday. Mommy said that if it turns we’ll have to pack up quick and go somewhere else. Her doesn’t like storms like these. Our old daddy said that he would leave when the water was up to the back door. After we lived there a while, Mommy figgered out that if we waited that long, we’d only get out by boat and that would be bad. Since we don’t have a daddy no more and Mommy is ascared of him-a-canes, we pack up the car early and run away. Just like in Monty Python!! Hee-hee!!  Mommy says it will still prolly rain on Wednesday and maybe Thursday because Him-a-cane Dean is so big. Remember I said it was as big as Texas, right?

Today we’re resting with Mommy. Her worked a lot in the last two weeks and her is tired. We worked on her Flickr pictures, though, while her was taking a nap. Me and Bear finded all the places on the map for the pictures. Mommy said it’s time to get back to getting ready for Auntie Wisa and Miss Mouse. Yay!!! It’s a little more than a week before they gets here. We’re going to do lots of fun stuff while they is here!! Gotta go get the games ready!!

Love, Alex

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