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Hi Everybuddy!! It’s me, Alex!

Hey, we’ve getted to have the coolest adbenture! We are competing in the 2010 Olympics! Our event is Curling. What?!? You’ve never heard of it?!? Well… we’ll try to splain it for you.
Just a Little More

Get Ready to Sweep!Curling is this weird old game that gets played on ice. They think it started in Scotland. It comed to Mitchergan in the 1800s. The ice board kinda looks like playing darts cause it gots a target at each end of the ice where you gots to get your stone in the middle.

The skipper guy kinda skids up on the ice like bowling and lets the stone go and then two guys gots to sweep the ice in front of the stone to make it go. You gots to be beary careful how you sweep or your stone might go too far and miss the bullseye. To win you gots to do this whole bowling/darts thing 8 times and get your stone on the middle every time. Oh, and you can’t touch the stone with your broom when you’re sweeping our you lose that round.

Well, we’d like to stick around and splain it some more but we gots more rounds to play before we know if we getted a medal or not. Cheer for us!!


Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Tonight we meeted some of our Flickr friends for dinner in Hugeton!! Yup, our friends Monkey & Timmy bringed some of our friends from the Zoo Crew of Kalamazoo Mitchergan to meet us. It was so cool!! We getted to meet Uncle Theo and Patrick and Mr. Inbisable for the first time!! We bringed the Monkey Town Krewe a new friend to lives with them because it was Batty and Congo and their mommy’s birthday.

Since we introduced you to our Flickr friends before we’ve gotten some new ones. Yay!! So we decided that because it’s Chrimmas and it’s good to share at Chrimmastime, we’d share our new friends and exchange cookies!!

Teddy and Teddyrabbit live in Shanghai, China. He is a very nice bear who does lots of fun things and travels a lot. Him had a job as a flight attendant on a airplane. So cool!! We likes him because him’s got a big heart just like us!!

Mr. Moo and Morris live next door to Eldritch and Bamburgh. They are very cool. We sended Moo a special birthday card!! They like SpongeBob as much as we do and are very nice.
Gallagher is a model, but him won’t admit to being that handsome. Him’s got some excellent photos in him’s portfolio. Him is very nice, too. Well, all of our friends is nice or them wouldn’t be our friends. Heehee!!

Hollywood Monkey is very cool. Him works on TV shows a lot. Him has been on strike with the writers lately and his daddy was on the news. We thought him should be on the news instead of his daddy, but what do those news peoples know?

Nigel, Gund and George live with The Hand and The Naner Lady. They’re pretty cool and do some fun stuff. They like hockey and naners and know how to play cards.

Birdie is a globetrotting bear with his own camera. Just like me!! Him gets to go to cool places, though, like Dubai and London and Scotland and all kinds of places we’ve never been. It’s fun to see places that our friends go!!

Jubewong is a very nice bear from northern California. Him gets to travel a lot, too, but mostly to places near him’s house. Last week him getted to go to Lake Tahoe. We thought that was really cool because him getted to camp out for real. We learn new things from him all the time.

Our newest friends are Shortbread and Seamus from Grand Rapids, Mitchergan. They are very nice and very smart, too. They know how to tell temperature in Kelvins and do the weather forecast! They’ve got a blog site, too, with their friend Creme Brule.

We can’t forget Rolly and Zoe who live in England. They go to cool art museums and showed us how to play British Monopoly. It was fun times!!

Taco the Monkey is very friendly and nice just like the rest of our friends! Him lives in New Mexico. We think. We just don’t remember because we gots so many new friends it’s hard to keep track of who’s where!!

Arthur and Ellie are new good friends, too. They like to play games and teached us how to play Inside Cricket. When they gets back from their grannie’s, we’re going to play Scrabble.

We meeted a new bear in blogville today. Him’s name is Mitch the Bear. He travels a lot and lives in Canada. It’s been a long time since we were in Canada last, but it was a nice place. Him is a very new friend, so maybe we’ll have more to tell after Chrimmas.

Last, but not least, is our friend from Duluth, Minnesnowda, Helix D. Monster. He is very orange and very monster-like, but also very cool.

Merry Chrimmas to all of our Flickr and Blog friends!!

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s Me, Alex!!

Well, it’s almost Chrimmas time and that means a lot of different things to me. First, it means that if we’re really lucky, it might snow on Chrimmas. It doesn’t snow here in Houston very often, but it does in Auntie Wisa’s Houston. More important than having snow on Chrimmas is having family. We invited everybody in ours family to come to Houston for Chrimmas and nobody wants to come. That makes me sad because in the 11 years we’ve lived here, nobody has ever wanted to come to ours house for Chrimmas. If we wants to spend the holidays with our family, we gots to be the ones to buy the airplane tickets and stand in line and get all of our presents and ship them in boxes and fly to Minnesnowda and then ship all our presents back home and come back on the airplane. It’s not fair!!

salvation Army Angel TreeMost important, though, is helping other peoples have a better Chrimmas. Mommy makes sure every year that we can helps some little kids have a good Chrimmas. At work, Mommy gets cards from the Salvation Army Angel Tree and then we go buy presents for little boys and girls who wouldn’t have a Chrimmas otherwise. Then we donate toys to the Toys for Tots program, we help give some monies to the Food Bank so that hungry peoples can have Thanksgiving and Chrimmas dinner.

Will you, my online friends, help us helps other peoples, too? You don’t gots to donate to the same peoples we do because we know you lives in other places, but it’s important to reach out and help other peoples, especially this time of year when it’s cold and harder for peoples to get to their families.

Love, Alex

Happy Halloween Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

HalloweenEven though we didn’t find a punkin patch to play in, Mommy taked us out for Halloween!! We getted our costumes on and goed to the party at the church!! We helped lots of kids make punkin picture frames from little foam kits. It was loads of fun!!

Scaredy Bear was a pirate

I was a rock star. Mommy called me Alex Van Halen!! Hahaha!!

Gregg was a court jester. Him said him wants to wear that to the Renaissance Festival. Wouldn’t that be neat?

Klondike came as a musher – that’s the guy who steers the sled for the Alaskan doggies.Piggi’s friend was a astronaut.

Piggi was a NASCAR pit crew manager.

Bear was a punkin!! Him asked one of the punkins there if they’d seen their mommy! It was so funny!! We laughed so hard we almost wet our costumes!!

We hope all of our friends had a great Halloween and got lots of treats and getted to play some tricks!!

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

Alex T. Rabbit Reporting

Me and Gregg getted to go to the last Astros game of the season! It was SOOO cool!! I pretended I was a news reporter there for Mr. Biggio’s last game ever and we had a great time!

It was a nice day for a game. They have air conditioning in the stadium, so even though it was hot outside, it was nice inside. There were lots and lots of peoples at the game. Almost all the seats were filled up. There was a lot of yelling and screaming and cheering for Mr. Biggio because it was him’s last baseball game ever. Him retired!!

We getted to meet Monkey, T-Munky & Timmy and their mommy and daddy. We had lots of fun watching the game together. We cheered lots and one of the guys on the other team almost getted a home run! The ball hit the wall right below where we was sitting. All of us plushies hided so we wouldn’t get hit. After the game we wanted to have everybody come to dinner with us, but they already had plans and said we could do that another time.

Monkey & Timmy

Alex, T-Munky, Monkey, Timmy & Gregg

Houston Astros vs. Atlanta Braves

September 30, 2007


Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Blue BellToday was a very big day!! We all getted up and drived up to the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory!! We goed on the tour and seed lots of stuff. There was a train outside that we played on and a big statue of a little girl with a milk bucket and the milk cow behind her. We getted to see them making ice cream sandwiches and filling up pints and half gallons. The girl said they pack 54 half-gallons a minute. Wow, that’s a lot of ice cream!!

KittyMommy drived the back way away from the ice cream factory and we seed some longhorn cows and some antelopes. We stopped at a roadside market. Auntie Wisa picked up some ice cream topping stuff for Uncle Tony. Me and Miss Mouse visited the plushy animals in the flower shop. Mommy would have liked to bring some of the puppies home, but her said we had enough for right now.

On the way home, we goed through Chinatown. The street signs were in both American and Chinese. We eated at a real Chinese restaurant. It was okay, but we’ve had better. In the car on the way home, Miss Mouse said we didn’t do anything today. Mommy and Auntie Wisa looked at each other. Auntie Wisa explained that we seed the ice cream factory and the cows and stuff. Miss Mouse said we hadn’t maked as many stops as we did before. So Mommy thinked up some more stops to make!!

Rocket ParkWe also stopped at NASA to see if we could visit the longhorns there. Mommy getted us in to the rocket park but the moo-cows were too far away. So we went out on the road and taked some more pictures of the moo-cows. Mommy and Auntie Wisa also taked pictures of the clouds because they were big and the sun was going down so they were pink.

DeerWe still didn’t go right home. Mommy taked us to the Unibersity to see if there were any little animals out. There were!! We seed some deer and a possum. There were even baby deers!! When we finally getted home, we went to the pool for a swim until the lightning came out and we had to go in. Now for sure Miss Mouse couldn’t say we didn’t do anything today!!

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

I’m soooo sad!! Nana and Poppa and CJ went home on Saturday. Now I’m all lonely again… nobody to watch movies with, nobody to go swimming with, nobody to play Uno with, no more videogames with Poppa and CJ and no more watching Nana play cards on Mommy’s computer. No more eating out at IHOP and Waffle House in the morning. Mommy gots to go to work in the morning.

I miss CJ. We played and played and played and had a really good time!! I wish he lived closer…

I miss Nana and Poppa, too. We gived him a father’s day present on Friday night before he went home. I like having Nana and Poppa around. Mommy eats better when they’re around. We had lots of melon and strawberries while Poppa was here. I love melon and strawberries!! We getted some pecans in Galveston, too. Mmm!!!

Well, I’m going to go pout some more and watch a movie with Mommy.

Love, Alex

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