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Hi Everybuddy! It’s me, Alex!

Jack Rabbit

Ours brudder, Jack, is at da hopspital in Texiss. Dr. Mary Ann is takededing beary good care of him. Him had a good flight and enjoyed him’s snacks. Dr. Mary Ann sez him wuz beary neat and didn’t get any chocolates on him’s fur!

Him iz at Da Doll Hopspital in Spring, TX. Dr. Mary Ann iz da bestest!! We meeted her when we went to bisit Uncle Theo. Fortunately, Uncle Theo didn’t need surgery. Him was in perfect shape!! Her eben has clothes for peeps like us. Mom buyed us a sailor suit from there. It’s just like Poppa’s!!

Here is how to find Dr. Mary Ann:

We miss you, Jack!! See you soon!

Love, Alex


Hi Everybuddy, it’s me, Alex!

Hey, WordPress gived us a idea for a post! They wanna know all about ours longest road trip!

Well… Mom says that it was prolly when we moved from Hugetown to Washing-a-ton cuz that was 2,177 miles. It taked us 3 whole days to getted from Texiss to Washing-a-ton!! We seed lots of cool stuffs on the way like some llamas and some rodeo guys and some mountains. We seed lots and lots of mountains. They were beary pretty.

Next to that trip, we just getted back from ours bacation to Canada and Dad said we drived about 1,275 miles. That was a lot of driving! We goed up into northern Washing-a-ton and over to British Columbia, Canada. We seed some mountain goats and some sheeps and a giant jackalope and some buffaloes!  There was this really cool place called Lake Louise. Yeah. It was something!! The water is all beary blue green and you can see to the bottom from a long ways out! Whoa, and there were glaciers there! We was looking out for the abominable snow monster. Thankfully we didn’t see him!!  After that we goed to the Olympic Park in Calgary and seed where the ski guys train at Cranmore. That was pretty cool. Mom wanted to go to Glacier National Park in Montana so we goed through there on the way home. Mom & Dad was not beary happy. The park wasn’t all the way open and there was lots of peoples and we didn’t see anything. No elks, no caribous, no bears, no bunnies. Nobuddy!!! It was POOPY!!! On the way home we seed some really cool waterfalls and a swinging bridge. Then Dad taked us to Idaho and we seed some more cool waterfalls before we getted back through Spokane. Whew!! That was a lot of stuffs to see!!

When I was beary little, me and Mom moved from Minnesnowda to Hugetown. Her said that was about 1,200 miles, too. That was kinda a boring trip cuz we just drived and drived and didn’t really stop to see anything except a bed to sleep in. But when we getted there we seed lots of cool places.

Well, that’s all of ours big adbentures for now!!

Alex, Gregg & Eddy

Hi Everybuddy, it’s me, Alex!

We gots a flavor to ask… once upon a time we had a big sister named Julia. Her is gradutated from college now and Mommy finded out from her old church group that Miss Julia is spending this year on a mission trip. Right now her is in Awestralia and needs help paying for the school part of the trip. If ya wanna help her out, please go to her blog and get the info

We putted a prayer in our God Jar that y’all would help her out.

Thank you beary much.

Hi Everybuddy, it’s me, Alex!!

Whoa!! It’s been almost a whole year since I posted anything here! Yikes!!

Talking on Facebook with our friend Erika

Well, as usual, lots has happened since last time we posted. Some of it we can’t even remember!!

  • *Nana and Poppa visited us for Easter
  • *We went on bacation to Arizona
    • -Phoenix
    • -Red Planet Diner & UFOs in Sedona
    • -Snoopy Rock
    • -Montezuma’s Castle
    • -Sunset Volcano
    • -Meteor Crater
    • -Winslow AZ
  • *Mommy getted laid off
  • *Mommy getted a new job
  • *We goed to Benjamin’s birthday party and were surprised by Seamus & Shortbread
  • *We drived from Texas to Washington with Auntie Wisa and seed lots of cool stuff
    • -We seed Llamas in Amarillo
    • -The Continental Divide
    • -The 45th Parallel
    • -The Oregon Trail
    • -Deadman Pass in Idaho
  • *We moved to a new house in Washing-a-ton
  • *We getted a Facebook account and have LOTS of new friends!!

Meteor Crater Red Planet Diner Menu Washing-a-Ton The Spudnut Store
Whew! That’s a lot!! We’re still getting settled in ours new house and we miss our old friends in Hugetown a lot!! Mommy said maybe they can come visit us sometime. We miss Waffle House, The Astros, The Chocolate Bar and Candylicious lots, too. We live in a place where we gots mountains and they make wine and French Fries, but it’s not the same without our old friends. The good news is that there is a Habitat house we can work on here and that we’re trying to make new friends.

Mommy letted us have a Facebook account and we’re having fun with that. We gots LOTS of new friends there and we getta play games like Farkle even though sometimes Farkle is mean to us. But that’s okay because some of our new friends have blogs, too, and we go read them when we have time.

Uh-oh!! Mommy says it’s bedtime so we gotta sign off for now. We promise to write again real soon.

Alex & the Gang

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

We know we haven’t been beary good about updating our blog. Mommy had surgery and couldn’t type beary good with one hand and we don’t gots thumbs so we couldn’t tell you what we were doing. So… here’s our Chrismuss letter with some updates and we’ll try to be gooder about updating our blog this year!!

It’s been a long time since most of you heard from us and it’s been a real busy year!!

We Gotta Nail These Together

Working at Habitat for Humanity

Last winter we getted to help work on a Habitat house with Mommy. It was really cool!! We getted to play with tools and measure stuff and everything! For Mommy’s barfday we goed to Minnesnowda. We had fun and getted to play in the snow and we goed to the Mall of America. Pretty soon it was spring and we played outside in the clovers and smelled all the pretty flowers. Nana and Poppa comed to Hugetown right after the Easter Bunny was here and Mommy went to the hopspital and getted her’s arm fixed. Her couldn’t use it for more than a month. Nana and Poppa comed from Minnesnowda to help us take care of her. Nana getted to be good friends with our puppy, Macaroon. Great Grandma goed to Heaven right after Mommy getted her sling off so we rided to Minnesnowda with Nana and Poppa. It was nice to get out of the apartment, but it was sad we hadda go to a funeral. Mommy flied back home and we helpeded her out while her getted her arm back in shape.

This is a Really Old Place in AnnapolisThis summer we getted to go on bacation with Mommy. Her had a class in Furginia and we goed, too. It was really cool to go there because we goed to Washaton DC. We seed the Lincoln Memorial, the Washaton Monument, the White House and lots and lots of other cool stuff!! We goed to Mommy’s cousin’s house in Maryland, too. We had a blast there because there are three little boys there and boy, do they know how to play! Whew! We taked a boat ride in Annapolis with them. It was loads of fun and then we goed to a restaurant and eated crabs and shrimps. Yumm-o!!

Moo Cow Don't Bodder Me!In August we goed back to Minnesnowda on bacation and had fun. We stayed with Mommy’s friend in Wisconsin for a few days. We seed lots of cool farm stuff. We getted our pictures taken with sunflowers and soy beans and we getted to see where Great Grandpa’s farm was in Wisconsin. Poppa letted us roast marshmallows in him’s fire pit. That was fun!!

Hi Mommy!! We're Unpacking Boxes!!In September we hadda leave again to go back to Furginia. When we getted home we finded out our apartment getted drenched because the roof broked after Hurricane Ike. That was poopy!! Our friends helpeded us move  and them were really awesome! Mommy’s friends from church letted us stay at their house until we getted a new place. We had fun staying there because they are Washaton Redskins fans and we getted a Redskins football uniform while we were in Furginia. We getted moved into our new apartment but we’re still not quite unpacked yet.

Us With Our SnowbunnyWe had Thanksgiving in Hugetown and we getted to watch lots and lots of movies!! Mommy taked us to her other friend’s house and we played the Wii all weekend long. That was royally fun!! In the beginning of December iIt snowed a bunch and we builded a snow bunny!! The beary next day we seed the Space Shuttle on its way to Florida. That was sooo cool!!

Whew! It was a beary busy year and we’re glad this one is over. We’re hoping next year is quieter and we getta play more. Mommy said we might getta Wii of our own to play with. That would be fun!! We’re looking forward to playing with our friends, Benjamine and Monkey & Timmy and exchanging post cards and stuff with everybody like Seamus & Shortbread, Teddy2Bears, Growler, Mr. Moo, Flt Lt Bear and lots of other cool friends who have really cool adbentures!!

Merry Christmuss and Happy New Year!!

Alex, Gregg, Bear, Piggi, Rover, Fudgie, Spam, Macaroon, Klondike, Pounce and everybuddy else!!

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

We’re part Irish so we wanted to wish you all a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Mommy said her would take us to Dairy Queen for a Mint Oreo Blizzard!! Yay!! Anybody coming along?

Tonight's Theme: Working CrittersWe goed hunting for four-leafed clovers and we didn’t find any. We did find an Irish Bear friend at Barnes & Noble the other night, though. Him was beary nice. We wanted to bring him home, but him said him had to work late and couldn’t get out early. There were other places Mommy needed to go so we hadda say goodbye to our new friend because we couldn’t wait for him to get off work.

Mommy says that traditional dinner for St. Patrick’s Day is corned beef and cabbage. Mommy said we could have that if we want. There’s a guy in Hugetown who plays him’s bagpipes on the roof of a pub. We thought that might be cool to see, but Mommy gots to work tomorrow. We’d rather have a St. Patrick’s Day Parade with all of our friends, anyway.

A Toast For Our Friends

There are good ships,
and there are wood ships,
The ships that sail the sea.
But the best ships, are friendships,
And may they always be.

We raise a mug of hot chocolate to you!!

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Livestrong, Austin TX Mommy has had a few problems the past couple of years. Her had a ski accident when I was just a little bunny and her hadda have surgery on her knee. It was really bad. Her was in a brace and on crutches for almost a whole year, but her did all of her therapy and everything worked out okay. When we moved here, her didn’t getta go outside and play as much as her did in Minnesnowda and her knee getted sore again but her goed to the doctor and they gived her some medicine to make it feel better. In 2005, her friends from work convinced her to ride her bike from Hugetown to Austin. Her did that and finished. Yay!!! Good job, Mommy!! Her was riding it again in 2006 and her other leg stopped working so her goed back to the doctors again and her had surgery on both of her knees at Thanksgiving right after we first joined Flickr.

MRIThat sorta helped her and then her was playing softball and swimming and stuff and her shoulder was hurting her so her goed back to the doctor again. They sended her to lots and lots of therapy to see if they could fix it. It getted better but it still hurted so when her goed back the doctor wanted to take a picture called a MRI. When they taked the picture them found a owie in her shoulder and her’s going to have to have surgery for that. It will be right after Easter. We are very busy helping the Easter Bunny during Eastertime so her hadda schedule it for after that weekend. The good thing is that Nana and Poppa are going to come and help us take good care of her because her won’t be able to use her arm for more than a month! That will be lots of fun because they will buy us lots of Dairy Queen Blizzards!!

Her’s been practicing doing things with only her left arm. It’s kind of funny to watch sometimes because her is right-handed. We think her’s going to be eating just chicken nuggets and toaster waffles for that whole time because when her eats with just her left hand, her needs a bib!! There’s lots of stuff we’ll have to help with like washing hands and putting contacts in and stuff like that where you need two hands. Her said yesterday that her will need to find some slip-on shoes to wear because her won’t be able to tie hers herself. We could probably get the puppies to do it but they might chew up the laces playing tug instead.

ChickenWe’re letting you know because we probably won’t be able to take many pictures or do many blog posts for a while after her has her surgery because we’ll be busy taking care of her. Her said we would try to take a bunch of pictures of stuff before her has the surgery and we can post them in little bits while her can’t use her arm. We’ll try to keep you posted when it happens, but if you don’t hear from us, you know why.

Love, Alex

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