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2010 Olympics

Posted on: February 23, 2010

Hi Everybuddy!! It’s me, Alex!

Hey, we’ve getted to have the coolest adbenture! We are competing in the 2010 Olympics! Our event is Curling. What?!? You’ve never heard of it?!? Well… we’ll try to splain it for you.
Just a Little More

Get Ready to Sweep!Curling is this weird old game that gets played on ice. They think it started in Scotland. It comed to Mitchergan in the 1800s. The ice board kinda looks like playing darts cause it gots a target at each end of the ice where you gots to get your stone in the middle.

The skipper guy kinda skids up on the ice like bowling and lets the stone go and then two guys gots to sweep the ice in front of the stone to make it go. You gots to be beary careful how you sweep or your stone might go too far and miss the bullseye. To win you gots to do this whole bowling/darts thing 8 times and get your stone on the middle every time. Oh, and you can’t touch the stone with your broom when you’re sweeping our you lose that round.

Well, we’d like to stick around and splain it some more but we gots more rounds to play before we know if we getted a medal or not. Cheer for us!!


2 Responses to "2010 Olympics"

OMB! I LOVE your curling brooms! heheheh!!

Well, did yous guys win the medal? (ditto on the curling brooms! They’re Grrrrreat!)

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