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Hi Everybuddy, it’s me, Alex!

Welcome to Las VegasWe getted to go to Las Vegas with Mommy.  Her got sended there for a conference. We are seeing lots of cool and BEARY nice hotels. Mommy said we’re staying at Excalibur. We’ve never stayed in a cool place like that before. Mommy said that Nana and Poppa getted married in Las Vegas about a million years ago. Well, it wasn’t that long, we makeded that up because 46 years sounds like forever to us.

We wanted to find time to meet Mommy’s friend Kirk, but we didn’t getta see him because Mommy was all weared out by the time her getted to the room every night. The conference peoples kept her busy until almost 10:00 every night. Wow… that’s a lot of work stuffs in such a cool place!

Sick in BedThere was this really cool dubble bubble bus we getted to ride one night when Mommy wasn’t so tired. We seed lots and lots of casinos and fancy hotels, but we didn’t go in any of them. One day we drived out to a place called Red Rock Canyon. It was beary pretty and reminded us of Arizona. Mommy taked us to The Hard Rock Casino. It was kinda funny because her thinked we were just going to the Hard Rock Cafe when the taxi dude taked us to the casino. We hadda get another cab ride to get to where the dubble bubble bus was so we could go to the Build A Bear Store in the Miracle Mile.

On our way home we getted sick with a cold. At least Mommy thinks it’s a cold and not the piggy flu. We’ll catch ya when we’re feeling better!


Note: We getted better after about 2 weeks. We’ve been really busy… we had company for Halloween and we were posed to have company last week, too, but Mommy’s friend getted sick, we we went on overdrive putting stuff away in our new house.


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