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Ahoy, Mateys!! It’s me, Alex!!

flying dutchmanYesterday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day!! It’s a good thing we watch SpongeBob and see Patchy Pirate and The Flying Dutchman so we know how to be good pirates!!

We had fun talkin’ pirate with our Flickr friends yesterday, too. Bears was walkin’ the plank and drinkin’ grog and bein’ general scurvy dogs!! Good thing none of us ended up in Davey Jones’ locker!!

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s Me, Alex!!

Folded TowelsWell, Auntie Wisa and Miss Mouse leaved yesterday afternoon. Mommy had to buy a new shower rod because hers broked. After we fixed it, Mommy started washing the beach towels and other clothes. There were lots and lots of towels to wash!! We helped fold them up for her.

ShimmerIt was very quiet and lonely here without Miss Mouse. Her was on her way home from Nana and Poppa’s house today. Mommy sitted outside to read her book and falled asleep. Her said her back was sore all day after that. We just sat here and washed and folded clothes and watched movies while it rained. We wished Miss Mouse would have left us Shimmer to play with!!

We’re going to be very bored this week with it raining and nobody to play with while Mommy’s at work. We telled Miss Mouse her should come to Houston for Christmas and we could all rent a big beach house. We don’t think her liked that idea. Oh well…

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

Today we started our day at the Waffle House!! We all LOVE Waffle House waffles, and now so does Miss Mouse!! Her getted a pecan and chocolate chip waffle. Her said it was DEE-lishus!! Then we drived to Galveston. There’s lots and lots to do in Galveston. Even though we had the whole day, we didn’t get to see everything there. Mommy said you’d have to be there at least a week to see and do everything before you getted bored.

Galveston-Bolivar FerryIn Galveston, we drived to the Ferry and we walked on for a ride. The Ferry is free and goes to Bolivar island. Mommy telled Auntie Wisa to remember that guy’s name from the park by the museum yesterday. About halfway there we started seeing dolphins. They were swimming around and playing. We getted off the Ferry and watched the dolphins and the pelicans for a while. There were two guys fishing on the jetty. One of them had a big fish in a bucket.

Monkeys!!We rode the Ferry back to Galveston and feeded the seagulls some old bread. Mommy was really good at throwing bread right to the seagull’s mouth. Miss Mouse getted some to her seagulls, too. It was hot on the Ferry so we went to the Strand to find some cold drinks. We buyed some water and Cherry soda to cool off. We walked up and down The Strand. We goed to our friends, Monkey & Timmy’s favorite store – The Funky Monkey!! Mommy buyed CJ a present there. Then we goed to the big candy store and getted big caramel chocolate apples. Boy were they tasty!! We shopped some more and didn’t find much to take home to Uncle Tony.

The Beach!!!When we was done shopping, we drived down the beach. Miss Mouse kept seeing parking spots but Mommy keeped on driving. Auntie Wisa figgered out that her had a special place her was going and Auntie Wisa was right!! We goed to the Pocket Park at the beach. Mommy taked us there so that we could take a shower with clean water after we getted out of the ocean so we wouldn’t be all stinky on the way home. That was pretty cool. They maked us leave early, though, because there was going to be a wedding. Miss Mouse wanted to stay for the wedding, but Mommy telled her if she stayed she’d have to give up her nice comfy bathing suit for a hot, stuffy pretty dress and not be able to play in the water or the sand. So Miss Mouse taked a shower and we went to supper. We getted bar-b-que. It was VERY tasty!!

Can you guess where we goed after that?? I bet you didn’t. We thinked we were going to Dairy Queen, too!! Instead we seed some old cars and taked pictures for Poppa. There were some really cool cars there. Mommy liked the new Corvette and this really cool purple low rider. The guy that was driving it looked like Poppa!! We finally goed to Dairy CarsQueen after we getted done seeing the cars!! Mommy getted some coupons for buy one, get one free Blizzards and we eated them right up!! They were dee-licious too!! We goed home after that, and as you can guess, it was lightning again so Miss Mouse couldn’t go in the pool. Auntie Wisa wanted to get the suitcase packed anyway, so it was okay. We played for a while and then all went to bed so we could still visit before Miss Mouse and Auntie Wisa had to take our new friends and go home.

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s Me, Alex!!

AsleepWe had another fun day today! We goed to the Museums and seed a lot of stuff. First, Mommy had to go to the crackerpractor. Her getted her back fixed up good. After her getted home, we had to go to Mommy’s office to pick up some shirts for her softball team. Miss Mouse meeted some of the people Mommy works with. There was even a lady who had a little girl in the same grade as Miss Mouse!! Mommy said they was borned about a week apart. Miss Mouse talked to the lady for a long time. We getted the shirts from Mommy’s desk. Auntie Wisa looked at the pictures in Mommy’s cube and Miss Mouse played with the big purple ball Mommy sits on. Her meeted another lady who gots a little niece and nephew. Too bad they couldn’t come out to play. The little girl was in school already.

We left the office and goed to IHOP!! We getted strawberry pancakes. Miss Mouse getted a smiley-face waffle. Mommy taked pictures of Miss Mouse and her waffle to send to Nana and Poppa. We had fun there!!

ButterflyIn the afternoon, we goed to the Houston Museum of Natural Science!! Wow, that place is so big and so cool!! It’s next to that park where I climbed the tree! First we seed the 3D IMAX movie Butterflyabout the ocean. It was like you could reach out and touch the jellyfishes. There were some scary fish in there, but Mommy telled us it was just a movie and not to be ascared. After that we seed the flutterbies. I mean, butterflies. They were really cool!! There were lots of kinds and pretty colors. One even sitted on Miss Mouse!! Her thought that was neat!

There was also a special exhibit of froggies. Some of them were really cute, but Mommy showed us where it said they was poisonous. Poor froggies!! We couldn’t take many pictures in there because we couldn’t use the flash, but that was okay. There was a big bullfrog. Mommy said his name was probably Jeremiah. We don’t know how her knowed that. We didn’t think her speaked frog!! Before the museum closed we seed a lot of pretty rocks.

Cinnamon Spice and Everything NiceTonight we eated at Joe Lee’s and had lots and lots of shrimps!! We all liked the shrimps very much! After supper Mommy taked us to the mall. Miss Mouse getted a new kitty from Build-a-Bear Workshop. I wanted some new clothes but they didn’t have anything my size. Only stuff that would fit Bear. Miss Mouse named her kitty Cinnamon. Mommy telled her to name it like a AKC puppy. Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice so her could just call her Spice for short if she wanted. Auntie Wisa getted some new tea to take home. After the mall closed, we went to Smoothie King. Mmm… we love smoothies!! Mommy and Miss Mouse had Raspberry Colliders and Auntie Wisa had a Peanut Butter something or other. They were dee-licious!!

When we getted home, it was lightning outside, so we just introduced Cinnamon to the crew. Miss Mouse called us all “The Brigade.” We had a very good day, so we happily went to bed when Mommy and Miss Mouse said it was time. Only two more days left!!

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Blue BellToday was a very big day!! We all getted up and drived up to the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory!! We goed on the tour and seed lots of stuff. There was a train outside that we played on and a big statue of a little girl with a milk bucket and the milk cow behind her. We getted to see them making ice cream sandwiches and filling up pints and half gallons. The girl said they pack 54 half-gallons a minute. Wow, that’s a lot of ice cream!!

KittyMommy drived the back way away from the ice cream factory and we seed some longhorn cows and some antelopes. We stopped at a roadside market. Auntie Wisa picked up some ice cream topping stuff for Uncle Tony. Me and Miss Mouse visited the plushy animals in the flower shop. Mommy would have liked to bring some of the puppies home, but her said we had enough for right now.

On the way home, we goed through Chinatown. The street signs were in both American and Chinese. We eated at a real Chinese restaurant. It was okay, but we’ve had better. In the car on the way home, Miss Mouse said we didn’t do anything today. Mommy and Auntie Wisa looked at each other. Auntie Wisa explained that we seed the ice cream factory and the cows and stuff. Miss Mouse said we hadn’t maked as many stops as we did before. So Mommy thinked up some more stops to make!!

Rocket ParkWe also stopped at NASA to see if we could visit the longhorns there. Mommy getted us in to the rocket park but the moo-cows were too far away. So we went out on the road and taked some more pictures of the moo-cows. Mommy and Auntie Wisa also taked pictures of the clouds because they were big and the sun was going down so they were pink.

DeerWe still didn’t go right home. Mommy taked us to the Unibersity to see if there were any little animals out. There were!! We seed some deer and a possum. There were even baby deers!! When we finally getted home, we went to the pool for a swim until the lightning came out and we had to go in. Now for sure Miss Mouse couldn’t say we didn’t do anything today!!

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

SpiderAuntie Wisa and Miss Mouse getted here yesterday on the airplane. We getted stuck in the rain last night and we were all very tired when we getted home. It was kind of gray and rainy looking again today. First we goed to Armand Bayou Nature Center. There were some HUGE spiders there. Auntie Wisa said her would have a heart attack if her found one of those in hers house. Mommy said it would get stomped before it got anywhere in our house. We seed some hawks and some turtles, too. They had alligators in tanks that we could look at. There’s some alligators in the bayou, but you have to go on a special tour to see them. Mommy thinked that Miss Mouse would get too freaked out to see a big alligator up close so we didn’t do that. There is a bison that lives at the Nature Center, but we didn’t get to see him. Him was hiding.

Sea Center TexasWe drived to Sea Center Texas in Lake Jackson. It rained and rained the whole way there. At one point it was raining so hard that you couldn’t see across the street!! Auntie Wisa and Miss Mouse sleeped almost the whole way there. Mommy says Auntie Wisa has always getted highway hypnosis. We seed lots of interesting stuff there, including some giant fishes. The great big fishy, Gordon the Grouper, weighs 225 pounds!! He’s bigger than our poppa!! There was turtles in a aquarium. They were cool. They must have thought we were there to feed them because they jumped off the rocks and tried to climb up the glass when we getted there. We left a donation in the box and headed back toward home. On the way, Mommy finded out the softball game was cancelled, so Auntie Wisa and Miss Mouse didn’t have to wear their new bright yellow shirts.

StingrayThe sky was starting to clear up so after supper we goed to Kemah. We seed lots of stuff there, like birds and boats and fishies and stingrays. Miss Mouse getted to feed the stingrays. We feeded the fishies, too. They were funny!! They jump all over the place to get to the fishy food. Mommy and Auntie Wisa buyed some tickets so us kids could ride the rides. Miss Mouse likes the carousel a lot. Her rided that a bunch. And the Yellow Submarine and the Frog Hopper and the Balloon Wheel. Her wouldn’t go on the big swing thingee or the ferris wheel with Mommy. We all rided the Boardwalk Tower and the Train.

ShimmerMiss Mouse getted a new friend at the Kemah Boardwalk, too. Her is a Star Pet unicorn and her name is Shimmer. She’s very pretty and very smart and very nice. Her maked friends with our friend Patrick. Him said he was in love. We made Miss Mouse promise that her would take pictures of Shimmer and get Auntie Wisa to post them on her Flickr site. Now they will be pen pals!!

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

Nursery BabyWe picked up Auntie Wisa and Miss Mouse from the airport on Tuesday. We were all very happy to see them after they getted off the plane!! We taked them to Old Town Spring after the airport. Mommy said it was close to the airport and her had something to show Miss Mouse. When we getted there, Mommy finded a place called the Doll Hospital. We was scared her was going to make one of us have surgery! But we didn’t. The store was full of all kinds of dollies and Miss Mouse really likes dollies. Her finded a Nursery Baby that her really liked, but her mommy said her couldn’t get it. Everybody telled her to put it on her Christmas list, so her maked a list in the car while we was driving to supper.

CandyliciousIt taked a long time to get to supper because it was rush hour and it was raining very hard. Mommy was driving through lots and lots of water. There was waves in the street!! We didn’t take any pictures of that, though. We eated at a restaurant called Chuy’s. It was very good. After that we goed to Candylicious – this store is like going into a candy museum!! I think Auntie Wisa was impressed. After that we had ice cream at The Chocolate Bar next door. Miss Mouse had Chocolate Cookie Dough, Auntie Wisa had Peanut Butter and Mommy had Mint Chocolate Chip. It was all very yummy and we was all very full.

Love, Alex

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