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Posted on: May 3, 2014

Hi Everybuddy, it’s me, Alex!!

Eddy in da Alps

Ours brudder Eddy is a World Traveler now!! Him is in Italy wiff Dad. Dem getted inbited to go wiff some friends of Dad’s from Hah-vodd. Dat’s how him sez you sez it. Anyway, dey leaved Oregon da udder day and getted to Italy on Fursday. Eddy wuz so excited to go, him wetted him’s fur. ­čśŽ┬á Dad getted him cleaned up and packed so him could go along. Mom’s been letteding us getted da new Birfday Cake Blizzard in a Waffle Cone. It’s like 3 treats in 1!! There’s da cone & da DQ & da cake Eddy_Italian_Gelatowiff little sprinkles!! Yum!!

Dad letted him getted a chocklit and biscotti gelato & him sez it’s better than DQ. We find dat beary hard to believe cuz DQ is da BESTEST!!

Mom sez we might getted to go traveling soon, too, for work. That would be beary cool!!




Well, wez gots to go to bed now. We hope to hear from Dad & Eddy again tomorrow morning.

Love, Alex

Eddy is a World Traveler!!


Hi Everybuddy!!! It’s me, Alex!!

We just wanted to remind you that tomorrow is DQ Miracle Treat Day!!

When you buys a DQ Blizzard, you gets to help donate monies to little kids that are beary, beary sick in the hopspital. We will be there. Will you?


Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

Santa with Christmas ListNana and Poppa are asking for our Christmas lists. Yay!! Chrimmas is our favoritest time of the year. It means a lot of things and those are all very important, but we likes the part where we get to make cookies and give and get toys, candy and presents best!! We maked a Amazon Wishlist – that is SO cool!! Everybody should have a Amazon wish list!! Beside what’s on Amazon, these things is on our list this year.

  • All little children to have a plush friend – someday maybe we can get Gund to help us give little kids a chance to adopt plush friends.
  • Dairy Queen gift cards
  • Movie Passes (Cinemark/AMC)
  • Toys R Us – Games like “Here and Now” Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit 6
  • Circuit City/Best Buy gift cards – so we can get new movies
  • Chrimmas with Our Family
  • Peace on Earth
  • A Letter from Lindy or for him to come home

We were all very good this year. Were you very good this year? Will Santa bring you toys, candy and presents or will you get coal in your stocking?

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

Chorus - Dickens on the StrandWell, it’s been hot and cold here in Clear Lake, Texas. Yesterday Mommy and I went to Dickens on the Strand in Galveston. It was over 80 degrees and humid there. Last night it getted cold and was about 50F when we getted up. Right now it’s 44F and is posed to get to 36F tonight at ours house. Brrr freezing!! At least when it’s cold it feels more like Chrimmas in Minnesnowda!! Good thing it’s not posed to rain or we’d have ice and we’d be freezing our paws off!

Mommy putted up the lights outside on the patio and put up the ceramic tree in the living room. We all had our picture taked by it. We want the big tree put up but her said maybe this weekend we’ll have time. We finished buying our presents for the little kids from the Salvation Army tree this weekend. This year was hard because one little girl wanted Ponies stuff and we had a hard time finding it. The other little girl wanted Princesses stuff and hers was easy. We had fun shopping for them and when we were done Mommy buyed us a Dairy Queen Peppermint Chip Blizzard!! It was yummy!! Now, if only Auntie Wisa would help Miss Mouse and CJ get their lists done…

Pretty soon it will be time to make cookies!! We like making cookies and stuff. Rover comed back out a couple weeks ago and we makeded him a carrot cake. Bear was very good with the mixer and we eated the cake all up with our Flickr friends.

Well, Mommy said it was bedtime so I have to go for now. I have lots more to tell you about so stay tuned!!

Love, Alex

Happy Halloween Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

HalloweenEven though we didn’t find a punkin patch to play in, Mommy taked us out for Halloween!! We getted our costumes on and goed to the party at the church!! We helped lots of kids make punkin picture frames from little foam kits. It was loads of fun!!

Scaredy Bear was a pirate

I was a rock star. Mommy called me Alex Van Halen!! Hahaha!!

Gregg was a court jester. Him said him wants to wear that to the Renaissance Festival. Wouldn’t that be neat?

Klondike came as a musher – that’s the guy who steers the sled for the Alaskan doggies.Piggi’s friend was a astronaut.

Piggi was a NASCAR pit crew manager.

Bear was a punkin!! Him asked one of the punkins there if they’d seen their mommy! It was so funny!! We laughed so hard we almost wet our costumes!!

We hope all of our friends had a great Halloween and got lots of treats and getted to play some tricks!!

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

Miracle Treat DayToday – Thursday, August 9th is Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day┬«. On Miracle Treat Day, you go to Dairy Queen, buy a Blizzard and Dairy Queen┬« will donate money to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. This helps lots of kids who are sick or hurt. If you’ve never been to a Dairy Queen┬«, you need to find one. If you’ve never had a Blizzard┬« , they’re basically milkshakes, but they gots stuff in them like M&Ms┬«, Twix┬«, Snickers┬«, Strawberries, Brownie Batter, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Oreo┬« Cookies, Cherries, and lots, lots more.

So RUN, don’t walk, to your nearest Dairy Queen. Don’t know where to find one? Check on the DQ Locator page.

Maybe we’ll see you there!!

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

AirplaneMy auntie Wisa and Miss Mouse are coming from Minnesota in three weeks! I can’t wait! Tootsie went with Nana and Poppa to Duluth. Mommy said I went to Duluth at least once, but I don’t remember.

Mommy is getting things ready for them to come visit. Her fixed the computer so Auntie Wisa can check her e-mails and upload pictures and stuff like that. I hope they like the pictures Mommy picked out for the desktop! Maybe you should bring your memory stick with you.

Auntie Wisa? Don’t forget we gots a washer and dryer in the apartment. That means you can pack less clothes. More room for toys, candy and presents!! When you come to Texas you can leave these things at home – Mommy gots some already, and it’s a hassle taking this stuff on the plane anyway.

  • Shampoo &Body Wash
  • Sunscreen & After Sun
  • Hair Dryers &Curling Irons
  • Bug Spray

BaggieDon’t forget that when you fly, you can only take the toiletries that fit in a quart-sized bag on the plane with you. The Hefty Quart-sized bags seem bigger than the Ziplocs and hold a little more stuff. If you check your bags, they can’t be locked, and if you buy a drink at the airport and have the receipt, you can take it on with you, too. Just be sure to leave your gasoline-powered tools at home. You can’t take them on the plane and we don’t have a yard anymore anyway. You could bring your cross-stitch as long as the scissors is less than 4″ long.

Mommy finded this for you – According to TSA:

  • Only travel size toiletries (3-ounce containers or smaller) may be brought through the security checkpoint/on board the aircraft. These items must be in a clear, plastic, one-quart zip-top bag.
  • Items in checked baggage are limited to a total of no more than 70 ounces per passenger. Contents of each container may not exceed 16 fluid ounces.

Well, Mommy said me and the other guys need to go clean up our part of the room so Chip has a place to stay, and there needs to be a spot for Tootsie’s babies and animals, too.

Love, Alex

P.S. Mommy hasn’t had any caffeine yet today so her’s a little growly. I think I will make her some tea or find her a Coke or something.

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