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Hi Everybuddy, it’s me, Alex!

Hey, WordPress gived us a idea for a post! They wanna know all about ours longest road trip!

Well… Mom says that it was prolly when we moved from Hugetown to Washing-a-ton cuz that was 2,177 miles. It taked us 3 whole days to getted from Texiss to Washing-a-ton!! We seed lots of cool stuffs on the way like some llamas and some rodeo guys and some mountains. We seed lots and lots of mountains. They were beary pretty.

Next to that trip, we just getted back from ours bacation to Canada and Dad said we drived about 1,275 miles. That was a lot of driving! We goed up into northern Washing-a-ton and over to British Columbia, Canada. We seed some mountain goats and some sheeps and a giant jackalope and some buffaloes!  There was this really cool place called Lake Louise. Yeah. It was something!! The water is all beary blue green and you can see to the bottom from a long ways out! Whoa, and there were glaciers there! We was looking out for the abominable snow monster. Thankfully we didn’t see him!!  After that we goed to the Olympic Park in Calgary and seed where the ski guys train at Cranmore. That was pretty cool. Mom wanted to go to Glacier National Park in Montana so we goed through there on the way home. Mom & Dad was not beary happy. The park wasn’t all the way open and there was lots of peoples and we didn’t see anything. No elks, no caribous, no bears, no bunnies. Nobuddy!!! It was POOPY!!! On the way home we seed some really cool waterfalls and a swinging bridge. Then Dad taked us to Idaho and we seed some more cool waterfalls before we getted back through Spokane. Whew!! That was a lot of stuffs to see!!

When I was beary little, me and Mom moved from Minnesnowda to Hugetown. Her said that was about 1,200 miles, too. That was kinda a boring trip cuz we just drived and drived and didn’t really stop to see anything except a bed to sleep in. But when we getted there we seed lots of cool places.

Well, that’s all of ours big adbentures for now!!

Alex, Gregg & Eddy


Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Wow, it’s been so busy here that I never getted to tell you about my Sunday adventure from two weeks ago!!

Winking BuildingMommy taked me for a ride in the car and we had a adventure!! We seed a lot of buildings and some signs and some trains and some flowers and lots of other stuff! We goed by the place where the Astros play and by the new light rail train downtown. While we was there, Mommy letted me have ice cream for lunch! Her getted some tea from Starbucks, too. Her was happy to find them. It was sure hot!! There was some buildings that was winking at me, too.

Alex in a TreeWe walked around the gardens by the zoo. I climbed up in a tree! And then we smelled some pretty flowers. We watched some squirrels for a while. I tried chasing the squirrel, but him was pretty fast and I couldn’t catch him. It was very hot outside so I had to stop and rest on a bench and I getted down all by myself!!

Puppy Needs a HugAfter that, we went by what Mommy said was the Medical Center. Mommy’s friend’s daddy went there when he came to visit. Her said he goed to the cancer hospital and they fixed him all up. We could see the Texas Children’s Hospital from where we were, too. It’s sad to think of all the little children that must be in the hospital there. It’s such a big building. I hope they have teddies and bunnies and puppies and kitties to love and love them back. The puppy in the picture looks like he needs a hug.

Ben & Jerry'sAfter that, we drived by a big school Mommy said was a university with a big owl. I was scared of the big owl, but Mommy said it was just a picture and not to worry about it. After that we eated at a Thai restaurant. The food was good, but Mommy said the food and service had been better before. Her letted me get ice cream again after supper. Two treats in one day and both times it was Ben & Jerry’s!!

It was a long day and I was very tired from all of the fun we had. I hope Mommy takes me out again sometime soon!!

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!


This vacation stuff sure is hard work!! We tooked a little trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to see the Navy boat that Poppa lived on for two years before Mommy was borned. Poppa’s boat is the USS Kidd, DD661. It’s littler than the boat we seed in Galveston. It was pretty cool. Me and CJ getted to see where Poppa worked in the radio room. Him said he sleeped on the floor outside that room for a couple of weeks once. Him also said him getted caught stealing peanut butter from the officer’s mess once. Luckily him didn’t get into any trouble. It was hot on the boat and there was lots of bugs like Mayflies by the boat. The Delta Queen was parked next to us. I thought that was cool even though nobody else did.

AlligatorWe tried to go on a tour to see some alligators, but they was by reservations only and we didn’t have one. We stopped in a couple of little towns in Louisiana. One of them was called Welsh and we mailed some postcards home to Minnesota from there. We getted Dairy Queens there, too!! Yummy! Mommy tried to find some other ways to see alligators, but we couldn’t find any. We stopped to eat at a place called Steamboat Bill’s in Lake Charles. Poppa getted Jambalaya and Mommy getted gumbo. Nana just had rolls. CJ wouldn’t try any crawdaddies, so he just had chicken. After we getted him, me and CJ played Uno for a long time.  We each won a few games before it was bedtime.

Houston AstrosToday we goed to the Houston Astros game at Minutemaid Park. We had a great seats and an even greater time! The game was close and the Astros lost 6-5 at the end after 11 innings. Mommy getted the BBQ sandwich and CJ had nachos supreme. We getted some popcorn, too. Then we goed and had some Olive Garden and stopped to get some Father’s Day presents. Poppa getted his presents tonight in case they decide to leave tomorrow. If they don’t, maybe we can have some fajitas for lunch or something.
Nana and Poppa and CJ are going to get ready to go home tomorrow. That makes me very sad. I will miss having having CJ here to make him laugh and to play with. Any other time I gots to play Uno all by myself. 😦

Well, I gots to go to bed. I’m going to start to cry anyway, so I will talk to you more later.

Love, Alex

Hi everybody, it’s me, Alex! Car Plans

I watched the Indy 500 today and part of the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600. I’ve wanted to be a race car driver for a long time, but today I decided I definitely want to race NASCAR or drag cars. Those Indy guys don’t have a windshield!!! All that junk from the road goes right in your face, and the wind is blowing at over 200 miles an hour. Forget that!! I want a windshield.

So… Poppa? Remember how you telled B.C. to get you plans for her tire swing. Well, this magazine has the plans to build me a race car. I’m 8 inches tall and my legs are kinda short, like about 2 inches, so I need to be able to adjust the pedals and not just the seat. I think we should paint it white pearl, make it number 8 and put the stickers from my sponsors on it.

Blizzard carI’m picking Dairy Queen as my main sponsor. The car should also have other sponsors, right? So how about The Children’s Miracle Network, Make A Wish Foundation, Blue Bunny, Hamburger Helper, Angry Alien, Delphi, Quaker State, Pirelli, Toshiba, Toyota and Dish Network? Oh and I should have Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabbit and Thumper on the car someplace, too.

Nana? Mommy can’t sew her way out of a paper bag, so would you pretty please make me a race car driver uniform?

Can’t wait to see my new car!!

Love, Alex

Hi Nana & Poppa!

We finded some hot rod cars for you on Saturday night. Mommy stopped at Target and they was all in the lot across the way by Chik-fil-A. They had some cars like your old one, Poppa, and some other ones, too. Mommy putted the pictures on Flickr.

CamaroMommy said this red one is like one you used to have except that yours was blue with a black top. And then her said there was one like Unca Joe’s old car, too. How cool is that? Mommy wishes she had a cool car to play with. Me, too.

vetteNana, they had lots of Corvettes there. They wasn’t old ones, but they were real pretty newer ones. You should learn to drive a stick shift so you could have your own fast car. You can’t have Nitro with a automatic transmission ya know.

Love, Alex

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