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5 Days to Go!

Posted on: December 19, 2006

Guess, what?!? There are only 5 more days until Christmas!! I can hardly wait!! Besides the YUMMY fudge Mommy got from her bestest friend, her only getted one present in the mail so far. I can’t wait until Santa comes to see my new toys and presents! I’ve been really good this year, Santa!!

Jingle All The WayWe watched Charlie Brown the other night and maybe tonight we will watch Jingle All The Way. We used to live in Minnesota, and we getted to watch them making this movie. It was sooo cool! Arnold went to the same candy store as us and we getted to see them making the snow. Mommy’s office was a block away from the place where they made the radio station. Some of her friends at work tooked pictures of Arnold and Sinbad and they getted their autographs, too. We just watched them making the movie and then we buyed our own.

I want to go see the new movie called Deck the Halls. It looks really funny! I’d like to see Charlotte’s Web, too. It’s got that cute little girl, Dakota Fanning, in it. Her was in the Cat in the Hat, too, with that kid from The Santa Clause movies. I likeded them, too.

It’s time for dinner, so I have to go now. Bye!!

Love, Alex


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