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It’s My Birthday!!

Posted on: April 8, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!! Happy Birthday to ME!!

Alex's BirthdayHi Everybody, it’s me, Alex, and it’s my birthday!! My birthday was actually Saturday but because today was Easter (the biggest and best BUNNY holiday of the year), my birthday lasted all weekend! Woo-hoo!

Nana and Poppa forgetted my birthday and that made me sad, but they did send me a e-mail after I reminded them it was my birthday. Nana said her didn’t have time to do Easter cards, either. You’d think they would remember their ONLY grandrabbit’s birthday and most FAVORITEST holiday of the year, wouldn’t you? Fortunately, Mommy knows when my birthday is and her got me toys, candy and presents. It rained all day on my birthday so we didn’t get to go anywhere. Instead, we stayed in and Mommy and me watched Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man’s Chest and Happy Feet. I likeded Happy Feet better than the Pirates movie. The Pirates movie had a dumb ending. Mommy maked me a special birthday cake. It was just like the one we seed on telebision. We watched that lady, Paula Dean, on the Food Channel, and Mommy maked me the same cake her made on her show. It was the bestest! I even got to lick the beaters! Mommy said we can go out somewhere special now that the weather’s nice again. I want to go someplace fun. I’ll think of somewhere and let you all know what it is.

Happy Easter!

Love, Alex


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