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Hiya Everybuddy, it’s me, Alex!

Wez had new adbentures today!! We getted to celebrate Happy Cinco de MayoCinco de Mayo wiff Mom at da Matador!! Wez wished it wuz in Mexico again, but Mom sez dat would be better in da winter. Maybe Dad will takeded us back to Mexico for Chrissmuss.  Mom letted us have a sip of marnangrita wiff ours nachos. We had some tacos & shrimps, too!! We meeted some nice peeples. It wuz da guy next to us’s birfday. Him said him wuz as old as Poppa!! Dat’s beary old!! It wuz beary good food and da marnangrita was beary tasty!! It’s a good fing Mom takeded us along so we could drive home. It wuz a beary good afternoon!!


Love, Alex


Posted on: May 3, 2014

Hi Everybuddy, it’s me, Alex!!

Eddy in da Alps

Ours brudder Eddy is a World Traveler now!! Him is in Italy wiff Dad. Dem getted inbited to go wiff some friends of Dad’s from Hah-vodd. Dat’s how him sez you sez it. Anyway, dey leaved Oregon da udder day and getted to Italy on Fursday. Eddy wuz so excited to go, him wetted him’s fur. 😦  Dad getted him cleaned up and packed so him could go along. Mom’s been letteding us getted da new Birfday Cake Blizzard in a Waffle Cone. It’s like 3 treats in 1!! There’s da cone & da DQ & da cake Eddy_Italian_Gelatowiff little sprinkles!! Yum!!

Dad letted him getted a chocklit and biscotti gelato & him sez it’s better than DQ. We find dat beary hard to believe cuz DQ is da BESTEST!!

Mom sez we might getted to go traveling soon, too, for work. That would be beary cool!!




Well, wez gots to go to bed now. We hope to hear from Dad & Eddy again tomorrow morning.

Love, Alex

Eddy is a World Traveler!!

Hi Everybuddy! It’s me, Alex!!

We finded Macaroon!!! Mom makeded all kinds a phone calls to see if anybuddy finded Macaroon after her runneded away. Nobuddy had finded her. 😦 Mom figgered out that Macaroon hadda still be at da garden park cuz dat’s where we wuz last, and we did see some of our udder bunny couzins there. Mom thinked that Macaroon musta gone chasing those udder bunny guys, so we headed back up to Mount Vernon to see if we could finded her. On da way up there, one of the beary nice garden ladies called and said that they finded Macaroon and her wuz okay and we should go getted her. Mom thankeded her and we droved up to da garden.

We getted to da garden and whistled a little bit, and all of da sudden, Macaroon comed running out from behind da bushes and jumped into da car and into ours paws!! We wuz SOOOO HAPPY to seed her!! Her lickeded us all over!! Mom sez from now on her will checked to makeded sure everybuddy is in their seat in da car before we go. After dat, we goed to PetSmart and we getted new dog tags for both doggies. They gots da puppy’s name on da front, and ours address & phone number on da back. Mom iz so smart!! Now her gots to figger out how to get tags on us in case we getted lost!!

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Leaving Dallas!Well, we flied to Minnesnowda on Mommy’s barfday! We getted there about 3:00 and Poppa picked us up at the airport. Poppa taked us to see Great-Grandma H. and then we meeted Nana for supper at this Mongolian place. It was pretty good. It was a little weird because you didn’t get your own table – they have big long tables and they sit lots of people next to you that you don’t know. It wasn’t too bad. There were some older people on my left and some high school girls on the other side of Poppa. They talked the whole time. I don’t know when they had time to eat because them talked so much!!

After supper we goed to Walmart to buy groceries for Great-Grandma Julie. It’s COLD in the car at night!! After we getted done in the store we getted back in the car and I shivered all the way to Great-Grandma’s!! Her was happy to see us and I getted to play with her two puppies while I was there.

Up, Up and AwayThe next day we goed to the Mall of America with Auntie Wisa, Miss Mouse and CJ. It was snowing hard when we leaved Nana and Poppa’s house. The roads were kinda slickery and the wind was blowing the snow all over the place. We meeted one of Mommy’s friends and The Liliputian there. I getted to meet the Moose from the Mini Golf place and we goed to the Build a Bear store it was HUGE!! Me and Miss Mouse and The Liliputian went to what used to be called Camp Snoopy to ride the rides. We had a great time!! By the time we leaved the Mall, the sun comed out and it was windy and getting colder. We eated dinner with more family and me and Mommy and Auntie Wisa taked some pie to Great-Grandma Julie. CJ and Miss Mouse and their daddy goed back to their hotel and went swimming in the pool.

Ack!! 20 Below Zero!!By morning it was -20°F!! My ears sticked straight up when I seed that!! Me and Mommy taked Poppa’s car and picked up Auntie Wisa from the hotel. Did I mention it’s COLD in the car? Anyway, we goed to this cool place called White Castle. I wish we had them in Texas!! We picked up a bunch of little burgers and fries and taked them to Great-Grandma H. We meeted Auntie Dane there and I watched some guys fishing on the lake while all the ‘girls’ talked. Nana maked sketti on Sunday, too, and that was yumm-o!! Auntie Wisa drived CJ and Miss Mouse back home because them had to go to school on Monday. I was sad to see them go.

Inside CandylandMommy’s other friend picked her up and taked her shopping on Monday morning. Me and Rover stayed with Nana and Poppa and them showed us how the stock market works. When Mommy getted home, Poppa taked us downtown to the eye doctor. Mommy’s eyes looked really funny!! We walked over to Candyland and I thought I was in Heaven!! We seed our old apartment and then we taked some cheese corn to Great-Grandma. Mommy said good-bye to her and then we goed back home. Me and Mommy packed up our suitcase to get ready for our flight on Tuesday. We had some lunch at Arby’s and then we visited some of Nana and Poppa’s friends before we goed to the airport.

We had a really good trip and it’s too bad we couldn’t stay longer. I kept Nana and Great-Grandma entertained, and they really liked the coat I borrowed from Klondike. I’m glad I had that or I’d have been a bunnysicle by the time I got back to Texas. I want to go on vacation again soon. Where should we go?

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Winter Carnival ParadeMommy was going to take us to Minnesnowda to be in the Winter Carnival Parade, but we didn’t make it. Her buyed something called stock in ice blocks for the Winter Carnival and they said her could come and march in the parade. Her thinked it would be cool to be in the parade because her hasn’t even getted to watch the parade since her was a little girl. We thinked it would be cool because we could take our cousins Miss Mouse and CJ to the parade, too. We didn’t know which parade until it was too late to buy airplane tickets and then her getted the cold in her’s head and her couldn’t fly like that so we stayed home.

PopcornMommy said we’re still going to get to go to Minnesnowda pretty soon. We need to go visit our great-grandmas and uncles and cousins and show CJ and Miss Mouse some cool tricks on Flickr. We’re not sure when we’re going but we hope it’s not going to be too cold when we gets there!! We’re going to go to Candyland and get some cheese corn for our great grandmas and popcorn for Nana and Poppa and some other candy for us!! Yumm-o!! When we get some we’ll share with everybody!!

Love, Alex

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!! Patrick, Where's Your Feets?

Merry Chrimmas to everyone!! We had a really great Chrimmas and hope all of you did, too!! Mommy finded us some cool Chrimmas card from Hugetown where we live to send to all of our friends. We writed Chrimmas cards for our Flickr friends during the Thanksgiving holiday. That was lots of fun!! Right after Thanksgiving we getted to meet our friends Patrick, Mr. Inbisable and Uncle Theo with Monkey & Timmy. Uncle Theo hadda go to the Doll Hopspital because we thinked him had broken legs. Patrick bringed us a present from the Teddy Zoo Krewe in Kalamazoo!! It was a beary cool mug for drinking hot chocolate! We bringed them a special present, too! 🙂 Our cousin Rowdy wanted to go live with in Mitchergan so we gived him a big hug and sended him home with Patrick and Uncle Theo.

Santa Drives the Shuttle!!After that Mommy taked us for rides in the car to see Chrimmas decorations. We seed a lot of really cool and pretty decorations in people’s yards. We wished we had a yard to decorate!! Then we getted to go to Dickens on the Strand in Galveston. We had a great time there because there was some snow and a parade and lots of peoples was in costumes. We finded a wood train with my name on it and we seed a statue of a Buddha that reminded us of our friend Teddy in China.

Everybody Gots Your Ormanent?This year we getted to help put up the tree. It was great!! We used teamwork (and a step ladder) to put the ornaments on the tree. We getted the tree all decorated in no time. This year we telled Mommy we wanted to put all the snowmans on the tree this year. We getted them all on and then we putted some Santas and some angels on the tree, too. It looked really nice. We really enjoyed looking at the tree at night with the lights on. Sometimes Mommy would sit in the chair with us.

Pretty soon we started getting all kinds of cards and packages from our plushie friends all over the world. Nana and Poppa sended us a really cool card with bunnies and trains. The Teddy Zoo Krewe sended us their picture in a card, too. It was a beary nice picture!! Our package from Nigel, Gund, George and the Naner Lady had some snuggle carrots in it and some great toys! Fudgie liked playing with the whoopie cushion. The Monkey & Timmy Krewe sended us a package with more toys and candy!! It was really cool!! Ellie and Arthur sended us a nice card. One day we getted a movie from one of our Flickr friends. We getted more cards from the Growler family and Flt Lt Bear!! Yay!!!

C'mon In & See Our New Igloo!!We getted a big box from Mitchergan that comed from Seamus and Shortbread and their family.The bestest surprise was in that box – we getted a hippopotamus for Chrimmas!!! Our hippo friend’s name is Ada. Her was named after a famous computer lady. A new friend from the Dashing Danish Bunny Sled Team comed in the box with Miss Ada. His name was Jingles and him bringed a sled for us to play with!! We all getted to take a ride on the sled and it was lots of fun even though we don’t gots any snow!! Nana and Poppa sended us some great presents and now we can go to Dairy Queen again!! Santa comed on Chrimmas Eve and we getted more movies we had on our list. It was sooo cool!!


Mommy taked the tree down New Year’s weekend and we putted all the ornaments away for another year. We wanted to send some presents to our friends for New Year’s but Mommy getted behind and we didn’t get them out. We feel really bad about that, but there are more great holidays coming and we’re looking forward to another great year with our friends!!

Love, Alex

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