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We Gots a Flavor to Ask

Posted on: January 31, 2010

Hi Everybuddy, it’s me, Alex!

We gots a flavor to ask… once upon a time we had a big sister named Julia. Her is gradutated from college now and Mommy finded out from her old church group that Miss Julia is spending this year on a mission trip. Right now her is in Awestralia and needs help paying for the school part of the trip. If ya wanna help her out, please go to her blog and get the info

We putted a prayer in our God Jar that y’all would help her out.

Thank you beary much.


3 Responses to "We Gots a Flavor to Ask"

Alex!!! u missing from my fb!!!
*lucky i already note ur blog… miss u…*

Hiya Mynk!!
We got kicked off of Facebook. Mom’s trying to figger out a good way to get us back, but Eddy says we should putted ours pictures on Flickr and do the blog again like we used to. We miss you, too!!



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