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The Sturgeon

Posted on: March 8, 2008

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Livestrong, Austin TX Mommy has had a few problems the past couple of years. Her had a ski accident when I was just a little bunny and her hadda have surgery on her knee. It was really bad. Her was in a brace and on crutches for almost a whole year, but her did all of her therapy and everything worked out okay. When we moved here, her didn’t getta go outside and play as much as her did in Minnesnowda and her knee getted sore again but her goed to the doctor and they gived her some medicine to make it feel better. In 2005, her friends from work convinced her to ride her bike from Hugetown to Austin. Her did that and finished. Yay!!! Good job, Mommy!! Her was riding it again in 2006 and her other leg stopped working so her goed back to the doctors again and her had surgery on both of her knees at Thanksgiving right after we first joined Flickr.

MRIThat sorta helped her and then her was playing softball and swimming and stuff and her shoulder was hurting her so her goed back to the doctor again. They sended her to lots and lots of therapy to see if they could fix it. It getted better but it still hurted so when her goed back the doctor wanted to take a picture called a MRI. When they taked the picture them found a owie in her shoulder and her’s going to have to have surgery for that. It will be right after Easter. We are very busy helping the Easter Bunny during Eastertime so her hadda schedule it for after that weekend. The good thing is that Nana and Poppa are going to come and help us take good care of her because her won’t be able to use her arm for more than a month! That will be lots of fun because they will buy us lots of Dairy Queen Blizzards!!

Her’s been practicing doing things with only her left arm. It’s kind of funny to watch sometimes because her is right-handed. We think her’s going to be eating just chicken nuggets and toaster waffles for that whole time because when her eats with just her left hand, her needs a bib!! There’s lots of stuff we’ll have to help with like washing hands and putting contacts in and stuff like that where you need two hands. Her said yesterday that her will need to find some slip-on shoes to wear because her won’t be able to tie hers herself. We could probably get the puppies to do it but they might chew up the laces playing tug instead.

ChickenWe’re letting you know because we probably won’t be able to take many pictures or do many blog posts for a while after her has her surgery because we’ll be busy taking care of her. Her said we would try to take a bunch of pictures of stuff before her has the surgery and we can post them in little bits while her can’t use her arm. We’ll try to keep you posted when it happens, but if you don’t hear from us, you know why.

Love, Alex


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