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Busy Weekends

Posted on: March 8, 2008

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

Packing Up the Ladders at the Habitat HouseGregg and I goed with Mommy last weekend and we getted to do lots of cool things! First we went to the Habitat for Humanity house that her is helping to build. It is really neat to see how fast Mommy and her friends build a house even though they only work on weekends. Gregg and I even getted to help!! With our engineering skills, we worked on the plans for the porch and then we helped put some stuff together. We meeted new friends and had lots of fun!

On Our Way to a Fire!!There is a fire truck in Texiss City we getted to work on and that was pretty cool. We were in fireman training class and we learned lots about how the hoses go on and the water valves when it pumps water and all kinds of cool stuff. We getted to have our picture taken on the truck, too. We asked Mommy if her would let us go to firefighter school and buy us uniforms. Her said her would see what her could do.

After we was done building for the day we found a patch of clover. We asked Mommy to stop and check it out because we like a little clover salad from time to time and wanted to pick some. When we getted to the clover, we finded some Texas Bluebonnets and a new friend there, too! In the clover patch was a cute little moo cow! We getted our friends, Moo and Morris, to help translate what the cow said. When we was driving, Mommy finded the horsie ranch where our friend Hiding CowColorado lives and the little cow ran into the barn there to be with the rest of her family. We was sad to see her go so soon after we meeted her, but we’ll go visit her sometimes.

It was a beary busy weekend!! Now that spring and Easter are coming we’ll be beary busy!!

Love, Alex


1 Response to "Busy Weekends"

I just found all your bunny photos on flickr (too Cute) and I just had to come look at your website. I love your photos. (I have 3 real bunnies)
Have a Great Day!

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