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Moving Update

Posted on: March 1, 2008

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

Remember how I told you almost exactly a month ago that we was moving? Well, now we’re not. It was a beary stressful month for Mommy. The peoples in the apartment office wanted lots of extra monies in rent that her couldn’t afford. We looked at all kinds of other places. Her taked us to look at other apartment complexes and some condos and townhouses and even a house we could have all to ourselves. Those places were pretty expensive, too, so her was thinking about living in a house with a roommate, too. That was kinda scary for us because Mommy was gonna hafta store a bunch of her stuff and we couldn’t have all of our toys at the new place. But… the apartment peeps turned out to be good eggs and our rent will still be more but not as much as they wanted at first. We’re glad because Mommy didn’t really want to pack the boxes in the first place. We’re also glad because me and Mommy was both beary sick after we getted back from Minnesnowda. We even hadda go to the doctor and get some new stuff for our noses. Thankfully, we’re all better now and spring is right around the corner, so that’s good. We’re going to try to take more pictures and do more stuff on the blog. But Mommy said we gotta gets our taxes done first. Whatever that means.

Love, Alex


3 Responses to "Moving Update"

Hi Alex,

I just can read your blog via UK internet.
You blog was blocked when I was in Shanghai, poor internet.
It’s nice to hear that you don’t need to move.
We don’t like moving and packing at all!
Looking forward to your new pictures~
Have a nice day!

Bear Wishes,

Hi Teddy!
It’s great to see you on our blog!! It’s sad that you can’t see our blog from Shanghai.

Yes, it’s really nice we don’t gotta move. Packing boxes isn’t any fun and it cuts into our picture taking time. We just looked up how far it is from Shanghai to London and you moved 5 times as far as we will move when we go back to Minnesnowda!! That’s a LONG way away! Did you and Teddyrabbit move all of your stuffs from Shanghai or did you store them someplace? We don’t think moving that far would be much fun at all. But you getta see all kinds of new places and try new things. We think that’s kinda cool because we don’t get to travel like that. At least not yet. Mommy wants to take Miss Mouse and CJ to Europe someday. Her would like to see Ireland and Austria first. Her would like to see China someday, too.

Bear wishes to you, too!!
Love, Alex & the Gang

Hi Alex!

Our stuffs are in teddyrabbit’s parent’s home, so we don’t need to move them all along to London.
When your mommy travel to Europe, pls ask her to take you~~Because you’re too cute!!
Hope we can meet in London or China one day~~

Bear Wishes,
*Bear Hugs*

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