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Posted on: January 29, 2008

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Winter Carnival ParadeMommy was going to take us to Minnesnowda to be in the Winter Carnival Parade, but we didn’t make it. Her buyed something called stock in ice blocks for the Winter Carnival and they said her could come and march in the parade. Her thinked it would be cool to be in the parade because her hasn’t even getted to watch the parade since her was a little girl. We thinked it would be cool because we could take our cousins Miss Mouse and CJ to the parade, too. We didn’t know which parade until it was too late to buy airplane tickets and then her getted the cold in her’s head and her couldn’t fly like that so we stayed home.

PopcornMommy said we’re still going to get to go to Minnesnowda pretty soon. We need to go visit our great-grandmas and uncles and cousins and show CJ and Miss Mouse some cool tricks on Flickr. We’re not sure when we’re going but we hope it’s not going to be too cold when we gets there!! We’re going to go to Candyland and get some cheese corn for our great grandmas and popcorn for Nana and Poppa and some other candy for us!! Yumm-o!! When we get some we’ll share with everybody!!

Love, Alex


2 Responses to "Minnesnowda"

Ohhhhh! Snowdaville! That sounds like a lot of fun! Will you get to fly on the airplane? Will you get to fly the airplane? Will you save us some candy? We like the kind with sugar in it. any kind. 😀 Have lots of fun!!!! (If you have a few days to spare, Michigan is only a couple of states to the east….)
Seamus and Shortbread and the DDST

Hello GRap friends!!! Yes, we’ll getta ride the airplane. I don’t think they’ll let us fly it, though. Something about Homeland Security and our pilots licenses not having certification for big jets. We’ll surely save you some candy. Candyland candy is the bestest!! We don’t think we’re going to make Mitchergan this time. Maybe this summer – Mommy was thinking of flying to Detroit, stopping in Ypsilanti so we could meet George, Gund, Nigel and the Naner Lady, then to see Teddy Zoo Krewe and you guys, and then to her friends’ house way up by Mackinaw. Her said we’ll see, so we’re figuring we should give her sad puppy eyes starting at Easter and if that doesn’t work we’ll hop up and down and tell her we’re not stopping until we can go to Mitchergan. How’s that sound? –Love, Alex

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