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New Year Adventure

Posted on: January 27, 2008

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

Hi Chip, I'm PeteWe had our first adventure of the new year and we didn’t even have to leave the house! The Teddy Zoo Krewe of Kalamazoo sended us a message asking us to help a new friend by letting them live with us here in Texas. We can’t turn down a cry for help from our friends! It hadda be all secret because our new friend was being accused of stealing the mail from the Post Office and we didn’t want the authorities to catched him before him getted here and we could help him clear him’s name.

We Had A Great Trip!Teddy Zoo Krewe helped him pack him’s suitcase and sneaked him onto a plane with the United Potato headS. Him getted here in record time and when we opened the suitcase we finded out that him bringed his girlfriend and them eloped on the way!! It was really nice and now Piggi is really happy because we gots another girrrl in the house. The Detective Doggies are working with Inspector Ada to help clear Pete’s name. We should be ready to present Pete’s case to the Postal Peeps pretty soon. We hope you’ve had lots of great adventures so far this year just like we have!!

Love, Alex


1 Response to "New Year Adventure"

Wahoo! We’re glad that Pete will be cleared. We know Ada and the Detective Doggies can do it! Maybe they will even find something wrong that the postal people did!
Seamus and Shortbread and Dashing Danish Bunny Team

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