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Posted on: January 27, 2008

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

Moving BoxesWell, we getted some bad news the other day. Mommy getted a letter from the apartment managers that said it was time to renew our lease. They said they wanted to raise our rent and Mommy said it was too much so we gots to move. We don’t know where we’re going yet, but we will find a new place. We know Mommy wanted to be able to move back to Minnesnowda this spring and we aren’t going to be able to do that because Mommy’s job won’t let her go. Mommy said we have to be good bunnies and doggies and help her pack up our stuff so we can move to a new house here in Hugetown by the end of March. We’re kind of sad about that because we really like this apartment. It gots lots of trees and places to play and we getta see lots of birdies and the froggies tells us bedtime stories at night.

So if you don’t hear from us beary often it’s probly because we is busy helping Mommy pack boxes. Her has been really busy with work being sick and stuff, so her said we gots to start packing now so we’ll be ready to go. We’ll be here as often as we can and will keep you all posted on how we’re doing.

Love, Alex


6 Responses to "Mooooving!!!"

Oh! That’s really really sad. I wish you to find a much better place. Remember, the best is always going to come.

Hi Jorge. Bunny, Polarcito, Christie, Marykate and everybody!! It will be okay. We’ll find a nice new place to live. It’s just no fun packing boxes when we’d rather be playing or watching movies!! –Love, Alex

All the residents of our kingdoms, wish you the best of the luck so you find a nicer and bigger apartment!
Hope you pack fast so you can play and watch many many movies!!

Hi Monxiz Kingdom Dwellers!! We’re looking already and there are some places out there that will be great. Mommy’s hoping for one that’s nice but not too expensive. We think that sounds good, too, so we can have more toys, candy and presents!! And Dairy Queens!! We’ll try to pack very quickly. Fortunately, Mommy’s got some good friends who will come and help, too. –Love, Alex

That’s sad…or maybe it’s like the start of something new. Yeah–like a big adventure. Where the toads tell you stories and there are construction trucks to watch…or a donut shop across the street…or…Be careful packing–don’t let anyone wander into a box. You won’t see them again until summer! And tell your mommy to take time for herself. When Mummy happy everyone’s happy.
Seamus and Shortbread and the DDBT

Ohhh…the Hippo Relocation group wants to make sure that Ada wasn’t tap dancing so much that you HAD to move. They said to tell her she’s supposed to be giving a good name to Hippos so she should help pack lots.

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