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Happy Birthday, Auntie Wisa!!

Posted on: November 25, 2007

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

The Birthday Bunny!
Happy Birthday, Auntie Wisa! Sorry our blog post is late!

It was Auntie Wisa’s birthday last week and we sended her some cool presents!! Mommy even messed up when Auntie Wisa called and telled her about one we are going to send for Chrimmas! Oops!!

When her was here with Miss Mouse, her asked Mommy to maked her a calendar with everybody’s birthdays on it. So Mommy looked all over for a perfect calendar. Her finded a Garfield calendar and putted everybody’s birthdays on it. Then we getted her some pretty Barbie collector plates, some neat teaspoons like that pretty girl on the Food Network, and some cool sweatpants that Mommy said were called pedal pushers. Her liked all her presents a lot! We were really glad!!

We always know that Chrimmas is coming when it’s Auntie Wisa’s birthday. Now we’re trying to find presents for everybody for Chrimmas! Yay!! Chrimmas!! We gots a couple of things for Auntie Wisa and Miss Mouse. The hard ones are Nana and Poppa and CJ. Sometimes we have a hard time finding things for CJ’s daddy, but we usually can find something.

Know what else happens when it’s Chrimmas time? Mommy does her Chrimmas cards. Guess what? We are doing our own Chrimmas cards this year!! It’s so cool! We getted addresses for all our friends and the ones that we knows where they live is getting Chrimmas cards! Well, we’d better get working on those again. We’re almost done!!

Love, Alex


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