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Christmas Time Is Here…

Posted on: November 25, 2007

Hi Everybody, it’s Me, Alex!!

Well, it’s almost Chrimmas time and that means a lot of different things to me. First, it means that if we’re really lucky, it might snow on Chrimmas. It doesn’t snow here in Houston very often, but it does in Auntie Wisa’s Houston. More important than having snow on Chrimmas is having family. We invited everybody in ours family to come to Houston for Chrimmas and nobody wants to come. That makes me sad because in the 11 years we’ve lived here, nobody has ever wanted to come to ours house for Chrimmas. If we wants to spend the holidays with our family, we gots to be the ones to buy the airplane tickets and stand in line and get all of our presents and ship them in boxes and fly to Minnesnowda and then ship all our presents back home and come back on the airplane. It’s not fair!!

salvation Army Angel TreeMost important, though, is helping other peoples have a better Chrimmas. Mommy makes sure every year that we can helps some little kids have a good Chrimmas. At work, Mommy gets cards from the Salvation Army Angel Tree and then we go buy presents for little boys and girls who wouldn’t have a Chrimmas otherwise. Then we donate toys to the Toys for Tots program, we help give some monies to the Food Bank so that hungry peoples can have Thanksgiving and Chrimmas dinner.

Will you, my online friends, help us helps other peoples, too? You don’t gots to donate to the same peoples we do because we know you lives in other places, but it’s important to reach out and help other peoples, especially this time of year when it’s cold and harder for peoples to get to their families.

Love, Alex


4 Responses to "Christmas Time Is Here…"

Alex, we think you are the neatest bunny in the universe. We helped our friend Pistachio, who is also a bunny so maybe you know her, make some softies for a group called Mirabel. You can see it all on our friend Creme Brule’s blog. Anyway, way to go!!!!
Shortbread and Seamus, Sea Dog of the North Sea

Thank you very much, Shortbread and Seamus, Sea Dog of the North Sea! We think you’re pretty neat, too!! It taked us a little while, but we finally finded your friend, Creme Brule’s blog. We added him to our blogroll! Yay!!! More friends! –Love, Alex

Hmmm….I think that Miss Mouse and I just came to TX to see you this summer and CJ was there a month or so before we were.

Even though it would be nice to all be together this Christmas, it’s pretty hard for us to pay for plane tickets 2 times in the same year. Also, Uncle Tony doesn’t have any more time to take off from work.

Hmmm back. We still never seed you for Chrimmas or Thanksgiving in Texiss. CJ was here at the end of May with Nana and Poppa and they drived. You and Miss Mouse flied here. Me and Mommy have had to come sometimes 4 times in one year.

Talk to the paw, please.

–Love, Alex

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