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Lindy is M.I.A.

Posted on: November 7, 2007

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Remember how I was telling you stories about when I was little? Well, I gots another one. It’s about my second bestest friend, Lindy. Mommy said I needed to tell you that this is a true story, not maked up.

SpamWhen I was little, Mommy getted us a puppy named Spam. Then her seed that they had dalmation doggies and her wanted one. Daddy goed to a Fort in Wisconsin one time for training because him was in the Army, and him brought back this neat little dalmation doggy for us!! We loved him very much. Daddy named him Lindy because him had ears that sticked out and Daddy helped him fly like a helicopper. We knowed that when him getted bigger, Lindy would want to be in the Army just like Daddy because him was such a good helicopper pilot.

One day, just before Chrimmas in 1990, our daddy had to go stay at the armory and then right after Chrimmas him goed to the war in Saudi Arabia. Well, one day Mommy was putting together a care package for Daddy. It had some cool stuff in it like cookies and books and pictures and all kinds of stuff. At the end of packing the box, Lindy telled us that him was old enough and ready to go help Daddy in the war. We was very sad that him was going to leave us but we knowed that him would help Daddy lots and Daddy would take good care of him.

POW/MIAWell… oh, this is still so hard for us!! Lindy never getted to our Daddy’s base. We don’t know what happened to him. It was so sad. We all cried for a long time. Daddy comed home from the war after six months. Lindy never getted there and him never comed back home. Daddy said him is something called Missing In Action (MIA) or that him could be a Prisoner of War (POW) at the big building where the government loses our mail. Even worse yet, Daddy said that him and the box might have getted throwed away. We think that him was doing something very important and has never been able to call us or write or anything because him’s on a secret mission.

Lindy, we still love you and are still waiting for you to come home!! Please let us know you’re okay!!

Love, Alex

Update: We maked a poster and putted it on Flickr where lots of peoples could see it. Maybe someone will tell us what happened to him.

Mommy reminded us that today is Veteran’s Day, too. Thank you to all of the mommies and daddies and brothers and sisters and friends in the Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard. We know you all gots really important jobs to do to keep us all safe.


3 Responses to "Lindy is M.I.A."

Maybe Lindy is now taking care of a really really poor kiddo in a really really poor country? 🙂

Hi Merlinprincesse, It would be good if him was taking care of a really, really poor kiddo somewhere. We would be happy if that’s what happened to him, but our old daddy said him’s probly stuck in a warehouse someplace because they keeped moving all of the daddies overseas and forgetted to send their packages back, or worse, they throwed the packages away!!

Hullo Alex! I followed Phytheas over to see you! I think Spam was a very good name for a wee doggy!


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