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My First Bestest Friend

Posted on: October 21, 2007

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

Me & KarmI wanted to tell you some stories, okay? The first one is about my first bestest friend, Karmel.

When I was little, Mommy getted a very nice doggie named Karmel. Him is my bestest friend!! Him letted me call him Karm for short. We did lots of things together like climb trees and play ball in the yard and tug with a sock. We romped around in the mud and in the snow and in the grass and sniffed the flowers and rided in the car and had lots and lots of fun!!

Back then we had a daddy, too. Daddy would play with us and help us makes brownies and buy stuff for Mommy. When we needed Daddy to help us, we’d call his pager and him would know it was us because we putted in 28669. That spells B-U-N-N-Y!!! Hee hee!! Then him would comed home and helped us do stuff.

One day, Daddy goed to the war in Saudi Arabia. We didn’t see him for 6 whole months! That was a long, long time for us guys not to see our daddy. It was okay, though, because Mommy taked us places and we sended packages to Daddy and waited for him to comed home. After him getted home, him and mommy talked and decided they didn’t want to be mommy and daddy anymore so we moved to a apartment. Mommy taked good care of us and we still had lots of fun!!

Since we moved to Texas, Karm doesn’t come out very much. Him says it’s too hot and yucky outside for him and him doesn’t want to play very much anymore. It’s okay, though. We still play inside sometimes and him still lets us all rub him’s tummy and pat him’s head. Him’s a good doggie!!

Love, Alex


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