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Seaside Saturday

Posted on: September 4, 2007

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

Today we started our day at the Waffle House!! We all LOVE Waffle House waffles, and now so does Miss Mouse!! Her getted a pecan and chocolate chip waffle. Her said it was DEE-lishus!! Then we drived to Galveston. There’s lots and lots to do in Galveston. Even though we had the whole day, we didn’t get to see everything there. Mommy said you’d have to be there at least a week to see and do everything before you getted bored.

Galveston-Bolivar FerryIn Galveston, we drived to the Ferry and we walked on for a ride. The Ferry is free and goes to Bolivar island. Mommy telled Auntie Wisa to remember that guy’s name from the park by the museum yesterday. About halfway there we started seeing dolphins. They were swimming around and playing. We getted off the Ferry and watched the dolphins and the pelicans for a while. There were two guys fishing on the jetty. One of them had a big fish in a bucket.

Monkeys!!We rode the Ferry back to Galveston and feeded the seagulls some old bread. Mommy was really good at throwing bread right to the seagull’s mouth. Miss Mouse getted some to her seagulls, too. It was hot on the Ferry so we went to the Strand to find some cold drinks. We buyed some water and Cherry soda to cool off. We walked up and down The Strand. We goed to our friends, Monkey & Timmy’s favorite store – The Funky Monkey!! Mommy buyed CJ a present there. Then we goed to the big candy store and getted big caramel chocolate apples. Boy were they tasty!! We shopped some more and didn’t find much to take home to Uncle Tony.

The Beach!!!When we was done shopping, we drived down the beach. Miss Mouse kept seeing parking spots but Mommy keeped on driving. Auntie Wisa figgered out that her had a special place her was going and Auntie Wisa was right!! We goed to the Pocket Park at the beach. Mommy taked us there so that we could take a shower with clean water after we getted out of the ocean so we wouldn’t be all stinky on the way home. That was pretty cool. They maked us leave early, though, because there was going to be a wedding. Miss Mouse wanted to stay for the wedding, but Mommy telled her if she stayed she’d have to give up her nice comfy bathing suit for a hot, stuffy pretty dress and not be able to play in the water or the sand. So Miss Mouse taked a shower and we went to supper. We getted bar-b-que. It was VERY tasty!!

Can you guess where we goed after that?? I bet you didn’t. We thinked we were going to Dairy Queen, too!! Instead we seed some old cars and taked pictures for Poppa. There were some really cool cars there. Mommy liked the new Corvette and this really cool purple low rider. The guy that was driving it looked like Poppa!! We finally goed to Dairy CarsQueen after we getted done seeing the cars!! Mommy getted some coupons for buy one, get one free Blizzards and we eated them right up!! They were dee-licious too!! We goed home after that, and as you can guess, it was lightning again so Miss Mouse couldn’t go in the pool. Auntie Wisa wanted to get the suitcase packed anyway, so it was okay. We played for a while and then all went to bed so we could still visit before Miss Mouse and Auntie Wisa had to take our new friends and go home.

Love, Alex


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Wow, your own tent! I love the beach, it’s my favourite place.

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