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Flutterby Friday and Other Museum Findings

Posted on: September 4, 2007

Hi Everybody, it’s Me, Alex!!

AsleepWe had another fun day today! We goed to the Museums and seed a lot of stuff. First, Mommy had to go to the crackerpractor. Her getted her back fixed up good. After her getted home, we had to go to Mommy’s office to pick up some shirts for her softball team. Miss Mouse meeted some of the people Mommy works with. There was even a lady who had a little girl in the same grade as Miss Mouse!! Mommy said they was borned about a week apart. Miss Mouse talked to the lady for a long time. We getted the shirts from Mommy’s desk. Auntie Wisa looked at the pictures in Mommy’s cube and Miss Mouse played with the big purple ball Mommy sits on. Her meeted another lady who gots a little niece and nephew. Too bad they couldn’t come out to play. The little girl was in school already.

We left the office and goed to IHOP!! We getted strawberry pancakes. Miss Mouse getted a smiley-face waffle. Mommy taked pictures of Miss Mouse and her waffle to send to Nana and Poppa. We had fun there!!

ButterflyIn the afternoon, we goed to the Houston Museum of Natural Science!! Wow, that place is so big and so cool!! It’s next to that park where I climbed the tree! First we seed the 3D IMAX movie Butterflyabout the ocean. It was like you could reach out and touch the jellyfishes. There were some scary fish in there, but Mommy telled us it was just a movie and not to be ascared. After that we seed the flutterbies. I mean, butterflies. They were really cool!! There were lots of kinds and pretty colors. One even sitted on Miss Mouse!! Her thought that was neat!

There was also a special exhibit of froggies. Some of them were really cute, but Mommy showed us where it said they was poisonous. Poor froggies!! We couldn’t take many pictures in there because we couldn’t use the flash, but that was okay. There was a big bullfrog. Mommy said his name was probably Jeremiah. We don’t know how her knowed that. We didn’t think her speaked frog!! Before the museum closed we seed a lot of pretty rocks.

Cinnamon Spice and Everything NiceTonight we eated at Joe Lee’s and had lots and lots of shrimps!! We all liked the shrimps very much! After supper Mommy taked us to the mall. Miss Mouse getted a new kitty from Build-a-Bear Workshop. I wanted some new clothes but they didn’t have anything my size. Only stuff that would fit Bear. Miss Mouse named her kitty Cinnamon. Mommy telled her to name it like a AKC puppy. Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice so her could just call her Spice for short if she wanted. Auntie Wisa getted some new tea to take home. After the mall closed, we went to Smoothie King. Mmm… we love smoothies!! Mommy and Miss Mouse had Raspberry Colliders and Auntie Wisa had a Peanut Butter something or other. They were dee-licious!!

When we getted home, it was lightning outside, so we just introduced Cinnamon to the crew. Miss Mouse called us all “The Brigade.” We had a very good day, so we happily went to bed when Mommy and Miss Mouse said it was time. Only two more days left!!

Love, Alex


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