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Meet Our New Friends!!

Posted on: August 25, 2007

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Well, it’s another weekend and Mommy’s not home. Again. Her is working again and we don’t know what to do!! Auntie Wisa and Miss Mouse is going to be here in three days and there’s still so much to do!! We can’t do it all – specially when we’re busy on Flickr talking to our friends. Oh, that’s right… we didn’t tell you. We gots MORE friends!!

Teddy 2BearsThere’s Teddy_2Bears – There’s Ted E., Patrick, Little Bear and Polly, Rock, Al, Chico and Chuckles, Rex our doggy and Mr. Inbisable Rex’s kitty. We think they live in Michigan. They is very nice and helps other critters out. Like last week when Eddie’s puppy runned away, they put together a care package basket and sended it to Growler and Eddie.

Then there’s GrowlerUK – With Growler, Eddie, Benji, Jamie, Capuccino and Bruno. They live in Shrewsbury. We think that’s in England. They are very cool bears and puppies. They just getted a new kitty named Jamie and a new puppy named Bruno. They are nice, too.

Growler in Last Supper

Flt Lt BearAn Flt Lt Bear – Him lives in Scotland and is part of the Royal Air Force. That’s really cool!! Him travels a lot and sends us great pictures. We finded a good picture of him by his airplane.

EldritchEldritch the Dragon lives with his brothers Bamburgh and Mitch. Eldritch travels a lot. Now that we think about it, most of those European friends travel a lot more than us American critters. That’s not fair!! We want to travel, too!!!

Monkey & TimmyMonkey and Timmy lives here in Houston by the Galleria. They is really cool. T-Munky and Arnold and Timmy and the gang gots a really cool circus waffle machine. They telled us they’d share waffles with us some time.

Phytheas BearPhytheas Bear is a good friend, too. Him and his family lives in West Sussex. We thinks that’s in England, too. We don’t hear from him as much as some of the other guys, but he is a very nice bear and him travels a lot, too. Phytheas gots a blog, too, just like me!!

SchleppzerAnd don’t forget our old friend, Schleppzer! Him must be out of town or something lately. Last we heard from him he was having some Snickerdoodles. Those is our favoritest cookies!! Anyway, Schleppzer has some brothers and sisters, too, but we don’t know them very well. Schleppzer is cool because him has a camera, too. Mommy is still trying to find mine, but I think it’s cool that we both takes pictures!!

Ooh, Mommy just getted home from the store. We need to go help her with the groceries. We’ll let you know if her gets the house clean in time or not.

Love, Alex


2 Responses to "Meet Our New Friends!!"

Hello Alex
I didn’t know you had a blog too! Wow! There are lots of us bears and other plushies out there. Where do you live? It’s a shame that you American guys don’t get to travel so much. I’ll pop by again soon.


Hi Phytheas!! Great to see you here!! We live in Houston, Texas. It IS a shame that we don’t get to travel more. Mommy has some vacation, but it seems like her’s saving it for a rainy day or something. We’d like to go traveling like you!! –Love, Alex

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