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Sunday’s Adventure

Posted on: August 19, 2007

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Wow, it’s been so busy here that I never getted to tell you about my Sunday adventure from two weeks ago!!

Winking BuildingMommy taked me for a ride in the car and we had a adventure!! We seed a lot of buildings and some signs and some trains and some flowers and lots of other stuff! We goed by the place where the Astros play and by the new light rail train downtown. While we was there, Mommy letted me have ice cream for lunch! Her getted some tea from Starbucks, too. Her was happy to find them. It was sure hot!! There was some buildings that was winking at me, too.

Alex in a TreeWe walked around the gardens by the zoo. I climbed up in a tree! And then we smelled some pretty flowers. We watched some squirrels for a while. I tried chasing the squirrel, but him was pretty fast and I couldn’t catch him. It was very hot outside so I had to stop and rest on a bench and I getted down all by myself!!

Puppy Needs a HugAfter that, we went by what Mommy said was the Medical Center. Mommy’s friend’s daddy went there when he came to visit. Her said he goed to the cancer hospital and they fixed him all up. We could see the Texas Children’s Hospital from where we were, too. It’s sad to think of all the little children that must be in the hospital there. It’s such a big building. I hope they have teddies and bunnies and puppies and kitties to love and love them back. The puppy in the picture looks like he needs a hug.

Ben & Jerry'sAfter that, we drived by a big school Mommy said was a university with a big owl. I was scared of the big owl, but Mommy said it was just a picture and not to worry about it. After that we eated at a Thai restaurant. The food was good, but Mommy said the food and service had been better before. Her letted me get ice cream again after supper. Two treats in one day and both times it was Ben & Jerry’s!!

It was a long day and I was very tired from all of the fun we had. I hope Mommy takes me out again sometime soon!!

Love, Alex


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