Alex's Bunny Hutch

OH NO!!!!

Posted on: August 19, 2007

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

OH NO!!! Tell me it isn’t so!!! Auntie Wisa and CJ and Miss Mouse and their daddy all live in Houston, Minnesota. Mommy talked to Auntie Wisa this afternoon and her said they had to evacuate because of flooding! They lives by the Root River dike and they had to leave in case too much water comed down the dike. Mommy said the paper has a article and it says the river is up to 19 feet and the dike can only hold back one more foot of water. The kids is okay because they is at their grandma and grandpa’s up on higher ground.

This could mean that Auntie Wisa and Miss Mouse can’t come to our house next week!!! NO, NO, NO!!! I have been looking forward to seeing them ALL summer and if they can’t come I’m going to cry!!

Everybody cross your fingers and pray or whatever that everyone goes home safe and the water goes down and nobody loses their houses or anything bad like that. Give your people extra hugs tonight.

Love, Alex


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