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Him-a-cane Update

Posted on: August 19, 2007

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

H-DeanWell, we’re breathing a little easier here in Houston, TX today. The him-a-cane is ‘posed to go to Mexico on Wednesday. Mommy said that if it turns we’ll have to pack up quick and go somewhere else. Her doesn’t like storms like these. Our old daddy said that he would leave when the water was up to the back door. After we lived there a while, Mommy figgered out that if we waited that long, we’d only get out by boat and that would be bad. Since we don’t have a daddy no more and Mommy is ascared of him-a-canes, we pack up the car early and run away. Just like in Monty Python!! Hee-hee!!  Mommy says it will still prolly rain on Wednesday and maybe Thursday because Him-a-cane Dean is so big. Remember I said it was as big as Texas, right?

Today we’re resting with Mommy. Her worked a lot in the last two weeks and her is tired. We worked on her Flickr pictures, though, while her was taking a nap. Me and Bear finded all the places on the map for the pictures. Mommy said it’s time to get back to getting ready for Auntie Wisa and Miss Mouse. Yay!!! It’s a little more than a week before they gets here. We’re going to do lots of fun stuff while they is here!! Gotta go get the games ready!!

Love, Alex


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