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EEEK!!! It’s a Him-a-cane!!

Posted on: August 18, 2007

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Hurricane DeanThere’s a him-a-cane in coming into the Gulf! Scary, scary!! It’s already the size of Texas, so that means it is VERY BIG!! Mommy said we shouldn’t be scared yet because it’s still very far away and we can’t tell which way it will go yet. Her said by Monday night we’ll probably know where it’s going and if it’s coming this way we’ll pack our stuff and go. Her said her doesn’t know exactly where we’d go yet, but it will depend on which way the storm goes. Mommy said not to worry because we did this before and her knows what to pack and where it all is and how long it takes to pack it in the car. The only thing her doesn’t like is that her will have to move all the big plants off of the patios and her doesn’t want to move them in the house again. Last time her finded spiders for a month. The problem is that they are heavy and her doesn’t want to carry them all down to the garage, either. Remember that it’s still over 90° outside and it’s very tiring moving all that stuff up and down the stairs.

We telled Auntie Wisa and Miss Mouse not to worry because the him-a-cane will be all gone before they gets here week after next. Well, we should go help Mommy. Her is trying to get things organized in case we hafta go someplace.

Love, Alex

P.S. For those people who think Mommy gots too much time on her hands, you should go watch this.


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