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Two Weeks and Counting!!

Posted on: August 14, 2007

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

Alarm ClockWell, it’s two weeks and counting until Auntie Wisa and Miss Mouse gets here from Minnesnowda!! Don’t worry, it’s not snowing there right now, although I bet some people wishes it was!! It’s actually going to be 84° F there tomorrow. Here it will be 98° F. Mommy said we can’t go outside and play because it’s too hot for us little kids. Her said we can’t go in the pool by ourselves neither because there’s no lifeguard and it would be sad if one of us drowneded. Her said the pool’s very hot, too, so it wouldn’t feel good anyway. We’d be hot and wet instead of just hot. I hope it cools off some before Auntie Wisa and Miss Mouse come for their visit.

Mommy’s been working a lot lately. Her worked all weekend and was gone for 14 hours today. If her’s not careful her’s going to get sick!! We are trying to help clean up the house, but there’s some stuff we can’t lift or move, like the vacuum cleaner. Besides, when we turn the vacuum on Fudgie barks and barks and we don’t want the neighbors to get mad so we leave it alone. I hope Mommy gets some time to get the partment in order before they gets here!! We still needs to figure out what we’re going to do while they is here.

Ooh, gots to go!! Mommy’s yelling that it’s time for bed!  Bye for now!!

Love, Alex


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