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Sad & Scary Stuff in Minnesota

Posted on: August 1, 2007

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Well, something very scary and sad happened in Minnesota tonight. There was a freeway bridge that falled down into the river. Mommy getted a call at 6:30 from her friend, Al, who told her what happened. We turned on Fox News and CNN and saw the pictures of the bridge. It was awful!! Mommy called Poppa to make sure they were home and knew about it. They took Miss Mouse to Duluth Monday. Mommy called Auntie Wisa, too. We hope that Nica is okay. Mommy used to drive on that road to go to work. We checked with our other friends and so far there isn’t anybody we know that was on the bridge. It’s very sad. We know some people who go to the University there and whose Mommies were there earlier in the day and they’re okay. There were some kids on a bus and they had to be very scared. I wish I was there to hug them all.

Love, Alex


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