Alex's Bunny Hutch

Let’s Go Astros!!

Posted on: July 30, 2007

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!

Astros UniformMommy winned tickets to the Astros game on Saturday and her letted me go, too! I putted my uniform on so maybe I could go on the field and play with the big guys.

Mommy getted ready and we got in the car to go drop off the other tickets to Mommy’s friend. We were hoping that their grandson, Chase, could go early with us so we could get some autographs and meet Junction Jack, but he wasn’t home. Mommy and I went to the stadium and there were way too many people down by the dugout for us to go down. I was sad. I really wanted to meet Junction Jack and have my picture taken with him. The Astros winned that game 3-1.

Afterward, Mommy taked me to a party for Chase’s grandma. After dinner, her puppy, Sam, tried to bite me. I growled back at him, but that didn’t help. I think he thinked I was a chew toy!! We got home late, but we had a good time.

Love, Alex


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