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Vacations Are Hard Work!!!

Posted on: June 14, 2007

Hi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!


This vacation stuff sure is hard work!! We tooked a little trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to see the Navy boat that Poppa lived on for two years before Mommy was borned. Poppa’s boat is the USS Kidd, DD661. It’s littler than the boat we seed in Galveston. It was pretty cool. Me and CJ getted to see where Poppa worked in the radio room. Him said he sleeped on the floor outside that room for a couple of weeks once. Him also said him getted caught stealing peanut butter from the officer’s mess once. Luckily him didn’t get into any trouble. It was hot on the boat and there was lots of bugs like Mayflies by the boat. The Delta Queen was parked next to us. I thought that was cool even though nobody else did.

AlligatorWe tried to go on a tour to see some alligators, but they was by reservations only and we didn’t have one. We stopped in a couple of little towns in Louisiana. One of them was called Welsh and we mailed some postcards home to Minnesota from there. We getted Dairy Queens there, too!! Yummy! Mommy tried to find some other ways to see alligators, but we couldn’t find any. We stopped to eat at a place called Steamboat Bill’s in Lake Charles. Poppa getted Jambalaya and Mommy getted gumbo. Nana just had rolls. CJ wouldn’t try any crawdaddies, so he just had chicken. After we getted him, me and CJ played Uno for a long time.  We each won a few games before it was bedtime.

Houston AstrosToday we goed to the Houston Astros game at Minutemaid Park. We had a great seats and an even greater time! The game was close and the Astros lost 6-5 at the end after 11 innings. Mommy getted the BBQ sandwich and CJ had nachos supreme. We getted some popcorn, too. Then we goed and had some Olive Garden and stopped to get some Father’s Day presents. Poppa getted his presents tonight in case they decide to leave tomorrow. If they don’t, maybe we can have some fajitas for lunch or something.
Nana and Poppa and CJ are going to get ready to go home tomorrow. That makes me very sad. I will miss having having CJ here to make him laugh and to play with. Any other time I gots to play Uno all by myself. 😦

Well, I gots to go to bed. I’m going to start to cry anyway, so I will talk to you more later.

Love, Alex


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