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Where Do Rabbits Go After They Get Married?

Posted on: April 5, 2007


Hi everybody, it’s me, Alex! I got that great joke from my cousin today. Her CRACKS me up!! I miss seeing my cousins, but maybe they can come to Texas sometime soon.

Easter BunnyThe Easter Bunny is coming this weekend!! I LOVE the Easter Bunny! Him’s related to me, too!! We have fun with hard boiled eggs and Mommy gets some Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs and we have fun. Mommy said we might go look at some new plants this weekend. One of her pretty flower bushes died this week and her wants to see about getting a new one. Her said that her wants some herbs, too. I like herbs <wink> <wink>.

It’s been really pretty outside again the last couple of days. It rained at the beginning of the week, but then it got nice and cool and kind of dry. Mommy likes that because she gets to open the windows and turn off the air conditioner. I like that, too, because I get to hear the birdies and the froggies outside.

Night OwlOH!! I almost forgot the coolest thing this week! The other night we was sleeping and it was late and we heard this funny noise outside. It was still hot outside so Mommy had the windows closed but we could still hear this noise from outside. It went Hoo, Hoo-Hoo, Hoo over and over and over. Mommy said it was a owl. Normally, I don’t like owls because sometimes they eat little animals like mouses and bunnies, but because I live inside I’m not as scared. Especially when Mommy’s in the house. Anyway, Mommy said the owl was trying to talk to somebody outside. We finded a neat page about owls that has their calls on it. It’s at, and guess what? The owl sound we heard was like a Great Horned Owl, and the one on that website was recorded in Houston, Minnesota, where my cousins and Auntie Wisa live. How cool is that?

Well, Mommy said I hafta go to bed now. I’m gonna go listen for owls and see if I hear any other ones. There’s some cool owl calls on that website. Go check it out!

Love, Alex


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