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Hot Rods for Poppa

Posted on: March 27, 2007

Hi Nana & Poppa!

We finded some hot rod cars for you on Saturday night. Mommy stopped at Target and they was all in the lot across the way by Chik-fil-A. They had some cars like your old one, Poppa, and some other ones, too. Mommy putted the pictures on Flickr.

CamaroMommy said this red one is like one you used to have except that yours was blue with a black top. And then her said there was one like Unca Joe’s old car, too. How cool is that? Mommy wishes she had a cool car to play with. Me, too.

vetteNana, they had lots of Corvettes there. They wasn’t old ones, but they were real pretty newer ones. You should learn to drive a stick shift so you could have your own fast car. You can’t have Nitro with a automatic transmission ya know.

Love, Alex


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