Alex's Bunny Hutch

The Poppa Whisperer

Posted on: January 26, 2007

Hi everybody, it’s me, Alex!!

West Highland TerrierMe and Mommy like to watch The Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic Channel. He gots lots of puppy friends. Just like me!! My puppy friends are Karmel, Sundae, Fudgie and Rover. We used to have real puppy friends, too, but now we live in a apartment. The puppies we know wouldn’t like living in a apartment. We have a neighbor who has a puppy named Frasier. He’s cute!!

When Nana and Poppa was in Texas with us, Nana told Mommy that her was the Poppa Whisperer. Well, I think it’s true! Her was doing it again tonight. Poppa was having trouble with is ‘puter and Mommy talked to him and they fixed it. Yay!! Well, I think they fixed it. Mommy’s so smart!!

Well, it’s bedtime now and I’m really, really tired. I’ll talk to you again soon!!

Love, Alex


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