Alex's Bunny Hutch

Good Weather for Ducks

Posted on: January 6, 2007

Rain DropHi everybody, it’s me, Alex! The rain can stop anytime now! It’s been cloudy and rainy and dreary for way too long already. Tonight it started to get very foggy outside at suppertime. All this rain and dark, dingy weather makes me CRABBY. It’s great weather if you’re a frog or a duck!

Gund Bunny - ZippityI’m not a frog or a duck, I AM A BUNNY!!! Bunnies don’t like mud or the water very much. Bunnies like sunshine and flowers and soft green grass and Dairy Queen! So today, my brothers and I hopped around the house almost all day. The sun comed out for a little while, but then the clouds came back and it rained and got foggy.

Tomorrow is another day. I sure hope it’s nicer outside. I’m no fun to be around when I’m crabby!!

Love, Alex

P.S. Nana? That little bunny there said he wants to be my friend.


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