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Countdown to CHRISTMAS!!!

Posted on: December 16, 2006

Hi, it’s me, Alex!! Today we got to go for a ride in the car. Bear and me and Gregg went into town with Mommy. Her had lunch with a friend and then we were going to go shopping but there were too many peoples at the place her wanted to go so we turned around and went to Candylicious (Mommy helpeded me spell that) and The Chocolate Factory. Yum!! We getted to have some peppermint ice cream with white chocolate. After that we went home to finish wrapping presents.

It was 82 degrees here in Houston today. While it’s too warm outside to feel a lot like Christmas, there are only 9 days left until Santa comes!! I’m getting so excited! Mommy’s got most of the presents wrapped and put into boxes to ship. I sure hope Nana and Poppa like what I got them. 🙂 I wonder what they got me…

Christmas Story There’s not much left to do once the presents are all wrapped. Mommy said she would put The Christmas Story on for us kids while she cleans up the house. I LOVE that movie!! Ralphie and his brother Randy and the snowsuit and putting their tongues on the flag pole. It’s so funny! After that, she said we could watch Polar Express and The Santa Clause. We got to watch Rudolph and Frosty and Santa Clause is Coming to Town the other night. I hope we get to watch Christmas Vacation, too. We’re all being super good so that Santa brings us lots of toys, candy and presents. You’d better be good, too!! I hope we can make COOKIES soon!!

Love, Alex


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