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It’s Almost Christmas!!

Posted on: December 14, 2006

Boy oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!! It’s almost Christmas!!

FroggiesIt doesn’t feel much like Christmas yet, though. I mean, it’s been really warm outside. The other day it rained almost all day. The other kids and I were bored and couldn’t go outside to play so we sat in the window with our sad faces on and watched it rain. But then you know what happened when the rain stopped? I sure wish there would have been a rainbow, but not this time. It got all wet outside and now the froggies are all singing all the time! I thought the froggies should be asleep for the winter or something, but it’s been warm and it rained and now they’re singing!! If you click on the froggy picture, you can go to a website where you can learn to draw frogs and penguins and bears and stuff. How cool is that? It’s called

Christmas Cookies - copyright 1999 Stan Sholik, used with permissionAnyway… I was saying that it doesn’t feel much like Christmas yet. Mommy and I wrapped some presents tonight so that helps a little bit. I want to get all the presents wrapped so we can make COOKIES!!! Me and the guys LOVE to make COOKIES!! Our favorite cookies are those little ones that you squeeze out of the tube that you can make look like snowflakes and trees and stuff. No, not the Doughboy stuff! Mommy says they’re called Spritz cookies. We also like sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies and Russian Teacakes and Gingerbread Mans and some other ones but I don’t remember their names. I don’t know what kind we’ll get to make this year. Mommy says the kitchen is a mess and she has to clean it before we can make COOKIES. My Auntie Wisa makes the bestest cookies, but she lives far away so me and Mommy have to make our own. [The cookie picture is copyright 1999 Stan Sholik, used with permission].

I wanna make a gingerbread house someday. They look pretty cool. Too bad you don’t get to eat them. 😦

Love, Alex


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