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My Christmas List

Posted on: December 5, 2006

Alex in Candy Cane SweaterHi, it’s me, Alex!! You know what? I like Christmas almost as much as Halloween! I like to dress up in funny costumes, and sometimes I do that for Christmas, too!! Like one time I was a reindeer and another time I was a snowman! When I’m dressed up for Christmas, I like to hide under the tree and see if I can catch Santa Claus. I always get too tired and never get to see him. I found his reindeer tracks in the yard and he eated all the yummy cookies I left out for him!

So now that Christmas-time is so close by, I thought I’d tell you all the things on my Christmas wish list.

  • All little children to be loved
  • Dairy Queen gift cards
  • Movie Passes (Cinemark/AMC)
  • Toys R Us – “Here and Now” Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit 6
  • Circuit City/Best Buy gift cards -so I can get Monster House and Flushed Away and other movies like that
  • Peace on Earth

Alex is a Reindeer!!Mommy can tell you where to send the toys, candy and presents!! I hope that Santa sees that I was good all year and doesn’t put any rocks or coal in my stocking like Charlie Brown!!

Love, Alex


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