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I’m Freezing My Paws Off!!

Posted on: December 1, 2006

Cold ThermometerHi Everybody, it’s me, Alex!!  Boy, it sure got cold outside the last couple of nights!! I called my poppa and told him I was freezing my paws off!! I used to live in Minnesota once and I like snow and everything, but I’m not a Snowshoe Hare!! I live inside and have a TV and drink hot tea.

Normally it’s a little warmer here in Texas. I live by the ocean, so it doesn’t get as cold as Minnesota, and it doesn’t normally snow here for Christmas or anything. On Thanksgiving it was almost 80 degrees outside. It only got to about 42 degrees today. That’s a big difference! Two years ago it snowed at Christmas. That was pretty cool. They didn’t have snow in Minnesota that year and so we sended them some pictures because we had their White Christmas. Ha!!

Angel TreeMommy and I put up our new Christmas tree last weekend. It’s very pretty. There are angels and snowmans and pretty glass bulbs. It even has a bunny ornament on it!! I hanged it there myself! I can’t wait for Christmas so I can get toys and candy and presents!! Every year we adopt some kids for Christmas and buy them toys and presents.  It’s called the Salvation Army Angel Tree. This year we bought presents for four little children and I sure hope they like what we got them. It’s fun to buy presents and toys for kids. We tried to get everything on their list!

Hopefully it will get a little warmer outside soon so I can go out and play.

Love, Alex


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